Venturenet Partners unveils new way to engage with audio domain

Venturenet Partners unveils new way to engage with audio domain

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Thursday, Jul 07,2011 9:40 AM

Venturenet Partners unveils new way to engage with audio domain

Even as the FM industry is trying to gain a stronger foothold, Anil Srivatsa and Harvinderjit Bhatia’s Venturenet Partners has decided to veer off and fill in the gaps with a new way to engage with the audio domain. With enabling technology and bandwidth costs, the company is seeking to bring to consumers and businesses a new way of using audio in their respective domains.

As part of this process, Venturenet Partners has introduced Spot Radio ( and Radiowalla (

Spot Radio is helping brands build their own branded radio channel that plays exclusively on all locations with customised content like music, promos, announcements and ads, which help increase sales, generate ad revenue and keep the customer engaged with the brand.

Radiowalla is the first ever broadband delivered radio network, offering a bouquet of 30 channels that can be selected depending on one’s mood. Radiowalla is also the only network that offers niche and fresh content to global Indians worldwide. It is a companion, a one-stop audio portal, and a social network all rolled into one.

Radiowalla will be playing all genres of English music from Jazz to Rock to Hip Hop to Classical to Eighties to Non-Stop Hits, Indian Bollywood Hits and Classics, Ghazals, Instrumental, Classical, Rock and Fusion. Religious and In-language Channels, Fitness, Yoga and Meditation Channels, Entertainment, News, Finance and Comedy Channels and access on-demand content such as audio books, travel pods, learn-a-language, audio recipes, poems and educational content.

Radiowalla is available for a monthly subscription fee and can be accessed via multiple devices with broadband connectivity. Devices such as computers, smart mobile phones, iPods, tablets, and so on.

Anil Srivatsa, Director, Venturenet Partners, said, “There are many applications with Spot Radio in store and on the web. All depends on the needs and the objectives of the client. Spot Radio offers standard, branded, hybrid and corporate radio products and packages to service and retail establishments such as hotels, hospitals, bookstores, fashion stores, educational institutions, salons, websites, etc. Spot Radio channels are customisable, brandable, revenue generating platforms that can be accessed simultaneously in multiple locations and offer daypart segmentation. All to suit the specific customer experience objectives of the business. Currently, we are serving about 10 high profile customers with more in the pipeline.”

“Radiowala, on the other hand, can be called an audio DTH platform. A one-stop shop for all things audio from a variety of international and Indian music genres, talk, news, sports, comedy, lifestyle and devotional content curated by us. A platform made available to any device connected to the cloud via broadband and smartphones anywhere. We have completed our trials on mobile phones and we can deliver high quality audio even on 2G. Initially we will launch about 30 radio stations,” Srivatsa added.

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