Twenty20 is the way to go for Radio One

Twenty20 is the way to go for Radio One

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Monday, Jun 18,2007 9:03 AM

Twenty20 is the way to go for Radio One

The growing number of FM stations in the country has essentially created clutter in the industry with similar programming. The right programming mix has been a hot talking point among the numerous industry players with everyone claiming to have differentiated themselves from others with their ‘innovative’ and ‘distinct’ on-air programming.

Now, Radio One has decided to incorporate changes in their programming with 20-minute blocks complete with music, humour, information and advertisements.

“The quali-research that we undertook revealed that listeners tend to listen to the radio for not more than 20 minutes. So, we have decided to engage our listener during these slots and make them stick to our channel the entire time,” explained Vishnu Athreya, VP - Programming and Brand, Radio One.

The 20-minute slot will include four songs, a humour segment, a BBC minute and the ad slots. “This unique programming initiative will also help the advertisers earn maximum mileage out of the time slot as they can now choose short segments instead of longer ones,” observed Athreya.

Talking about the longer programming segments employed by his competitors, Athreya said, “When everyone is playing one-day cricket and test cricket, we are playing Twenty20 cricket.”

When asked whether this change would include any changes in the music genre played on-air, Athreya observed that the station would be playing fast-paced recent and old songs which, he felt, were liked by his listeners.

Speaking on the new marketing campaign employed for promoting this initiative, Athreya said that multiple mediums would be used to communicate the brand proposition of ‘Masti Fataafat’. “We will rely heavily on outdoor and print for taking forward this campaign,” he added.

Radio listeners are anyways finding it difficult to identify the stations with similar sounding names. Now, with this 20-minute programming, we will have to wait and see if this helps Radio One in improving its numbers in the radio measurements.

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