The day Radio One became Fastrack FM

The day Radio One became Fastrack FM

Author | Tuhina Anand | Wednesday, Jun 04,2008 8:15 AM

The day Radio One became Fastrack FM

In a brand partnership that could lay the precedent for bigger things to come, Fastrack and Radio FM embarked on an innovative exercise on June 3 that saw the former ‘owning’ Radio One and its six FM stations in various metros for a day. The exercise was conceived by Maxus, based on both the brands’ similar identities.

As part of the exercise, Radio One even changed its name to Fastrack 94.3 FM for a day. Both the brands saw a synergy as they target the youth TG.

Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Industries, said, “Fastrack is a brand that allows the youth to experiment with many provocative identities without having to commit to anyone. From product design to the way it communicates, Fastrack enjoys exploring new boundaries. Fastrack FM 94.3 is one more step in this direction.”

Vineet Singh Hukmani, CEO, Radio One, said, “We are a station for the ‘fatafat generation’, whereas Fastrack, too, is targeted at the ‘move on’ generation who believe in this mantra, be it in love, fame or money. When an opportunity came to align with Fastrack, we thought that it is the perfect fit.”

He further said, “The alliance with Fastrack is a first of its kind and to enable it meant changing our name in addition to integrating the brand and its theme with our programming. We are extremely happy to have partnered with Fastrack. The ‘irreverent’ spirit of the brand gels with our programming focus. It is just a showcase of what radio can do for a brand.”

The entire procedure began with teasers four days prior to the actual event on June 3, when Fastrack ‘took over’ the FM station. As part of the association, Radio One’s content, including on-air contests and promotions, was integrated seamlessly with the Fastrack theme of ‘Move On’ – all of which led to Radio One FM 94.3 becoming Fastrack 94.3 FM, the station for the ‘Move on Generation’. Though the FM station aired ads other than Fastrack’s, ads of the youth lifestyle brand’s competitors were not aired.

Meanwhile, other branding exercise would continue till June 8.

Commenting on the association, Ajit Varghese, MD, Maxus, said, “This was a unique and first of its kind experience that had been created for Fastrack, which helped the brand live its personality through seamless content integrations. This makes the advertiser ROI much more than what money can buy. We are extremely happy with this kind of association and would like radio to play a key role in future for such experiential marketing.”

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