SFM revamps programme line-up to keep to its promise of ‘Jhoomo Jamke Jhoomo’

SFM revamps programme line-up to keep to its promise of ‘Jhoomo Jamke Jhoomo’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Sep 02,2008 8:13 AM

SFM revamps programme line-up to keep to its promise of ‘Jhoomo Jamke Jhoomo’

‘Hum sirf bolte hi nahi, hum superhits bajaate bhi hai’, with a claim like that SFM, the FM radio brand from Sun TV, is embarking on a revamp exercise across its 42 stations in the country. The revamp of the sound of its stations and programming is in keeping with SFM’s tagline: ‘Jhoomo Jamke Jhoomo’.

Nisha Narayanan, Project Head, SFM, said, “We have always been a young, fresh and interactive station. The relaunch is more to do with giving the station a different sound. The main objective is to do more single shows. In tune with the latest international trends across the globe for radio, SFM’s formatted programming will now have 16 crisp shows on weekdays, up from 12 earlier, thereby making its radio stations sound new every hour. These single shows are purely need based and listener based shows. Single hour programming is more effective and keeps adding more freshness to the shows.”

She further said, “We are using ‘Jhoomo Jamke Jhoomo’ tagline in different languages depending on the market we are present in and we play local music in the radio stations. Even with an integrated national plan for programming, SFM stations in every city will be very high on local content and connect. Always a highly interactive radio brand, the music, programmes, phone-in contests and outdoor broadcast in the shows at SFM stations will get bigger now to cater to a wider target audience in its newer avatar.”

SFM is introducing a spiritual music show in its early morning show ‘SFM Raaga’, introducing to its listeners Indian fusion, Sufi fusion and world music. ‘Sabka Family Member’ is the other new concept, wherein the show would be done everyday from a listener’s house from different parts of the city, thereby connecting to its listeners on the ground level.

New concepts are being introduced to spruce up shows like ‘Morning No 1’, ‘Guru Ho Jaaye Shuru’, ‘Lift Kara De’ and ‘Halka Hole’.

SFM is also re-introducing its popular concept of folk music from different parts of India.

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