Sambad launches Radio Choklate 104 FM

Sambad launches Radio Choklate 104 FM

Author | Indrani Sinha | Tuesday, May 22,2007 9:11 AM

Sambad launches Radio Choklate 104 FM

Radio Choklate 104 FM, the radio initiative of the Odiya daily ‘Sambad’ from Eastern Media Ltd, has been launched in Bhubaneshwar, which will be also heard in Cuttack. The second station in Rourkela is scheduled to be launched within a couple of months as soon as the Common Transmitter Infrastructure (CTI) is ready. The FM radio scenario is gaining momentum with the recent launches like that of BIG 92.7 FM from Adlabs Films Ltd, and South Asia FM.

According to Monica Nayyar Patnaik, Director, Radio Choklate, “Radio Choklate is Odisha’s very own channel, ‘Odisha’s apna number One’. The target audience is ‘saat ru saturi’, which means everyone from seven to 70 -- basically the masses.”

Patnaik added, “Radio is an interactive medium, and so we are stressing on custom-made programmes with local fervour and flavour to connect better with the audience. We will introduce local concepts like Choklate Information Department (CID) Bhubaneshwar and CID Cuttack, wherein updates on local events will be given on a daily basis.”

The station, which boasts of a state-of-the-art studio, will have programmes in a mix of Hindi and Odiya. At the moment, the channel can be heard in 36 neighbouring towns in and around Bhubaneshwar, including Cuttack.

“It is about the strong engaging relationship with the listeners. That is why we say Radio Choklate is ‘Dhum mitha’ -- strong and lovable, thus engaging relationship with the listeners,” explained Patnaik.

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