Rewind 2012: Radio Indigo RJs emerge most favourite

Rewind 2012: Radio Indigo RJs emerge most favourite

Author | Saloni Surti | Tuesday, Jan 01,2013 5:12 PM

Rewind 2012: Radio Indigo RJs emerge most favourite

Radio is an out and out entertainment medium, and apart from the music that is played, RJs too are a big draw factor to a particular station. exchange4media initiated a ‘My Favourite RJ’ column to understand what makes an RJ unique enough to stand out amid clutter.

There are a number of aspects apart from entertainment that an RJ has to be good at. Factors such as familiarity with the music, ability to meld commercial content with editorial content, timing, wit, humour, and the ability to have a captive listener base were some of the qualities that emerged as important in three months of the column.

Favourite RJs
Radio Indigo RJs set the popularity charts ringing with their classy taste in music and commendable knowledge of it. Rohit Barker, DJ Ivan and RJ Sriram were the names that we heard more often. Let’s have a look at a few comments from the experts throughout the year.

“Rohit and Ivan know their music really well. They do not speak nonsense and ensure you are glued to the radio with their enlightening tidbits.”

“Sriram is very easy going. He is very natural and says things the way they are. He gels really well with his listeners and you don’t feel bored while listening to him.”

“Rohit Barker epitomises club music. He connects well and knows the kind of music he wants to play.”

The aforementioned RJs faced strict completion from various mainstream station RJs such as Suren and Meera, Jeeturaj, Malishka, Swati, and more.

RJs now are not only the voice of a radio station, but also define style, class and editorial and advertising package of a broadcaster. Nonetheless, those who can keep you glued always manage to stay ahead of the game.

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