Research by Radio City identifies five segments of listeners

Research by Radio City identifies five segments of listeners

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, May 08,2007 9:01 AM

Research by Radio City identifies five segments of listeners

A research conducted by Radio City in association with Synovate has identified five segments of listeners based on their interactions with the channel. The research revealed that 29 per cent people tune into radio as a means of ‘relaxation’, while only 5 per cent tuned in to ‘pass time’.

Commenting on the need of the research Rana Barua, National Head-Marketing, Radio City, said, “The main objective of the research is to gauge the interest of our listeners, cater to their needs and give them the most sought-after content and music. With almost all-existing industry research on radio estimates, reach, awareness of radio stations, as well as basic listening habits, there was no data available to get a better understanding of listeners except for the basic demographic parameters.”

The five identified segments of listeners are relaxation seekers, cool dudes, lonely souls, flirters and time pass. The research also indicated that 20 per cent of ‘flirter’ listeners wish to listen to the latest music, as well as the updates on FM. Meanwhile, 22 per cent of the ‘lonely souls’ tuned into radio to seek companionship and liked the interactivity.

The official communiqué noted, “To make the study more comprehensive and representative, the sample size of around 9,000 respondents belonging to SEC ABC in the age group of 15 to 39 from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad were selected. The segmentation was done based on listeners’ needs.”

The note also added that while majority of the listeners tune in to relax themselves, the ‘cool dudes’ tune in to radio for trend-related content to make a style statement. Synovate carried out this segmentation using their global proprietary tracking system BrandVision and segmentation tool Target.

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