Reliance uses radio to take a dig at competitor telecom players

Reliance uses radio to take a dig at competitor telecom players

Author | Saloni Surti | Thursday, Aug 22,2013 7:53 AM

Reliance uses radio to take a dig at competitor telecom players

While competitive advertising is a common phenomenon on television, radio usually does not see much of it. However, a recent ad spot by Reliance Telecom takes a humorous dig at competitor brand Vodafone for its ‘Happy to Help’ services. With the all-in-good-spirit tone of the ad one cannot exactly call it competitive advertising, but it manages to put the message across clearly.

Reliance’s radio spot is the saga of a man in distress, who needs assistance from his telecom service provider. While the telecom company’s client servicing agent is ‘Happy to help’, he is not being able to solve the woes of the consumer. The ad ends with the consumer expressing that the fact that the telecom company is ‘Happy to help’ is not helping him. Similarly, the ad proceeds to take on networks as well, including Airtel, and manages a similar line of humour.

The telecom sector is one of the largest spenders on radio and usually most of their radio spots bank on humour. Vodafone had initiated a radio campaign to promote their offer, which provides 500 minutes of talk time on every new Vodafone landline connection. The spot narrated a phone conversation between a man and his ex-girlfriend, who thinks that the man has called to apologise. However, the man indicates that he did not want to waste the talk time and had hence called.

Similarly, Uninor had introduced a humorous spot to promote their one paisa per second plan. The ad portrayed a younger brother calling up his elder brother to check on his health, but the older brother keeps on talking, expressing his weird health problems even as the talk time is deducting, thus promoting the paisa per second plan.

Watch the Uninor ad here...

Along similar lines, Reliance manages to create a direct connect with listeners using humour. However, the pun at Vodafone does perk up the ad as it generates listener curiosity at the very beginning, leading to higher stickiness throughout the ad spot. The campaign has been running across various radio stations and can be heard mostly during the drive time shows.

Despite creating a different message from their television ads (which usually leads to confusion for listeners), Reliance manages to stay relevant. Also, one can look out for the revival of competitive advertising trend on radio with the new Reliance spot.

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