Red FM to ‘bajao’ Kolkata’s civic offenders

Red FM to ‘bajao’ Kolkata’s civic offenders

Author | Indrani Sinha | Thursday, May 24,2007 9:10 AM

Red FM to ‘bajao’ Kolkata’s civic offenders

Red 93.5 has unveiled an innovative ground activity called ‘Red FM Kolkata Superheroes’, in an effort to keep the city clean. The occasion was graced by the Honourable Mayor of Kolkata, Shri Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya.

This initiative will mock at all those who are caught causing social inconvenience. These people, whose actions cause embarrassment to the offenders, will be honoured as ‘The Red FM Kolkata Super heroes’. The on-ground activity that will go on for a month, will have the Red FM ‘bajao’ team, comprising the station’s RJs and a band of musicians, who will be present at over 100 crossings across the city. Whenever a person is caught indulging in offending acts of dirtying the city, he will be made to feel embarrassed by the ‘bajao’ team.

According to Abraham Thomas, COO, Red FM, “This is the first time that the superheroes will be identified in the city and ‘bajaoed’ in this extremely funny and cheeky fashion.”

He added, “We are a platform and banter, as we’ve found it to be the most effective technique of spanking sense into people. We invite the common man to join us and raise issues.We will ‘bajao’ them.”

Elaborates Jimmy Tangree, Station Head, Red FM, “Red FM is promoting social awareness among citizens about causes that Kolkata has been grappling with forever now. Dirtying the walls and doing nuisance on the roads, sleeping in offices and regular bandhs are some chronic problems of Kolkata. We are trying to embarrass the culprits sweetly with music. At Red FM, we are trying to create more awareness among the people of Kolkata and ensure that these characters think several times before they indulge in such acts in the future.”

The ground activities will be supported by extensive outdoor and on-air coverage, with minimal mass media support.

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