Red FM out to do 'puja' for potholes this monsoon

Red FM out to do 'puja' for potholes this monsoon

Author | Abhinn Shreshtha | Thursday, Aug 14,2014 10:48 AM

Red FM out to do 'puja' for potholes this monsoon

Red FM is launching the second edition of its initiative, ‘Pothole Utsav’, from August 14, 2014. The initiative is expected to run for seven days.

‘Pothole Utsav’ is an interactive contest by Red FM, which has listeners call in RJ Malishka if they think their area has the worst pothole. Listeners can also participate in the contest by uploading pictures of the potholes on Red FM’s Facebook page. The winning entries see Red FM team along with RJ Malishka visit the pothole and do a ‘puja’.

Commenting on the initiative, Anand Raj, National Head (Programming and Non Traditional Revenue), Red FM said, “This year, the event will be held on a bigger scale. This time we are asking listeners to bring in more people from their locality for the ‘puja’. We will also be inviting authorities to take part in the proceedings.”

Though last year the event was held in both Mumbai and Pune, Raj said, for now, the plan is to hold it only in Mumbai, though he did not rule out an ‘Utsav’ in Pune later on in the monsoons.

Explaining the concept behind the event, he said, “The idea is to highlight the issue (of potholes) with a fair bit of sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humour. Last year, we actually saw corporators turn up at a couple of the locations. What we are trying to do is to bring a sort of entertainment to the message.” Raj claimed that last year, post the first few days of the activity, BMC deployed resources to fill up potholes.

Red FM will be promoting the activity through an OOH campaign along with utilising their social media presence as well as that of their RJs. Raj said that the activity is not sponsored by any brand. “As a local station, we think of it as part of our responsibility. We keep doing similar stuff in different cities,” he added. Similarly, when asked about whether such activities led to increased listenership, he said that listenership was not a concern for Red FM in case of such activities.

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