RED FM Network launches retro music station 'Radio REDTRO106.Chaar' in Mumbai

RED FM Network launches retro music station 'Radio REDTRO106.Chaar' in Mumbai

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Jun 23,2016 11:35 AM

RED FM Network launches retro music station 'Radio REDTRO106.Chaar' in Mumbai

RED FM debuted its retro music station in Mumbai today with the launch of REDTRO 106.Chaar.This is the first radio station to be introduced under the newly acquired Phase III licenses by the company. While the station has been test-playing for the last few days, the launch today was marked with afternoon show by RJ Pritam.

Commenting on this new development, Nisha Narayanan, COO, Red FM said, “I’m elated to hear REDTRO 106.Chaar! Experimenting with formats and genres and bringing relevant innovation to programming is core to our strategic line of thinking. We have been dabbling with the idea of a retro music station for quite some time now. While there’re so many new players making a foray in the market and we aim to grow the market with our newest offering, we were very clear in our minds that we’ve to create a marked differentiation in the way retro is perceived. And that’s how REDTRO 106.Chaar was born. A format radio channel, REDTRO 106.Chaar aims to diversify retro space and focus on the music of the 90s. It is clearly, ‘Aaj ke zamaane ka retro station!’With RED FM being India’s favourite contemporary hits radio station, and REDTRO going retro, we believe we have a strong and powerful proposition for our listeners and our advertisers alike. All that’s left to say is ‘PhirBajao’!”

The retro station retains the irreverent and bold attributes of Red FM.REDTRO 106.Chaar will be a fun throwback to times dominated by Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar etc.

Furthermore, the superhit music of 90s is complimented by a line-up of some experienced on-air talents. The day opens up with RJ Saurabh followed by RJ Pritam in the 11-2pm slot daily. Afternoon is taken over by RJ Palak followed by RJ Rhicha at night.

REDTRO 106.Chaar is RED FM network’s second radio station in Mumbai. It was acquired in Phase III auctions along with eight more stations, namely, Srinagar, Jammu, Jodhpur, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Patna, Surat, and Chennai.

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