RED FM introduces multi-city localized broadcasting

RED FM introduces multi-city localized broadcasting

Author | Jasmeen Dugal | Monday, Feb 23,2004 5:41 AM

RED FM introduces multi-city localized broadcasting

RED FM has re-written the radio history in the country with the introduction of a multi-city localized broadcast of Bollywood actress Tabu’s interview on February 19, 2004.

In the live program with Tabu, RJs from Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata studios all interviewed the actress while she was at the Mumbai studio, but listeners in each city could only tune in to the dialogue with their local RJ. As a result, RED FM was able to provide a city-specific spin to the interview. To illustrate, Safia, the RJ for ‘Good Morning Delhi,’ asked Tabu about her favorite shopping haunts in Delhi, which only the listeners in Delhi could tune into, while Mumbai listeners were tuned in to a different feed with their local RJ.

“This interview was in line with the value-addition that we provide to our listeners and to the industry. While Tabu sat in our Mumbai studio, local RJs from all the three RED studios in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata were able to interview her. With the help of this virtual studio, RED was able to provide localized feed to all the three cities, making the interview more interactive and relevant to the listeners,” said Nishchint Chawla, COO, Radio Today.

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