Red FM emerges as the ‘Station of Expression’ for the common man

Red FM emerges as the ‘Station of Expression’ for the common man

Author | Deepshikha Singh | Monday, Aug 11,2008 9:07 AM

Red FM emerges as the ‘Station of Expression’ for the common man

With properties like ‘Red Mike’ and ‘Bajaao for a Cause’, Red FM has managed to give a platform to its listeners to voice their opinion on various issues. This is in keeping with the FM station’s brand attitude of playing music on the one hand and also raising relevant issues that concern the common man.

Red FM’s content revolves around the four pillars of music, local content, movies and cricket. The on-air content revolves around the Bollywood, cricket, local events and social issues, all delivered in the trademark ‘Bajaate Raho’ fashion that listeners have come to associate with Red FM.

Abraham Thomas, COO, Red FM, observed, “Satellite radio and FM radio target different markets. We don’t think we compete with each other. In fact, I believe satellite radio and FM can and are co-existing pretty well. Having established ourselves as leaders in the radio industry, our competition now is with TV and local media like print and outdoor. Red FM is essentially a mass mainstream radio station. The station’s programming, positioning, and music policy have always reflected the tastes of the mass audiences.”

“Red FM has already extended the brand directly to the consumers and made it accessible to them through various platforms, such as on-air, off-air, on-ground and even television as we did recently with the ‘Bajaate Raho Awards’, which was aired on Sony Television. We will continue to do bigger and more entertaining things in the days to come,” he added.

Thomas further said, “I feel that the ‘Rule of Three’ will apply in this industry as in other industries, where the top three players will control majority of the shares and the remaining players will have to find suitable niches for themselves. So, while there will be a few mass players, there will be a host of niches targeting different segments of the population. We are in the business of entertainment – so be it music, humour, raising important issues, building a local connect – our aim is to be always relevant to the audiences and keep them entertained. All our programmes will ultimately have to pass the test of whether or not they are quality entertainment for our audiences.”

“Besides that, we are continually refreshing ourselves with new and different segments and shows like the recently launched ‘Khopcha’ in Mumbai or fresh new segment called ‘Kavi ki Kalpana’. We have also recently gone live with our new sound, which is a very catchy and foot tapping number, sure to create ripples in the industry,” he added.

In addition, Red FM’s ‘Bajaao for a Cause’ initiative to fulfill the wishes of children from the Make a Wish Foundation, who are living with life-threatening illnesses, is currently underway. The FM player has received tremendous response from both listeners and celebrities alike. Celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Rakhi Sawant, and Brett Lee, among others, have come forward to support the company in this endeavour. Red FM also has another interesting initiative lined up, where listeners will have to defeat RJ Mantra in a game on the newly released Xbox 360 in order to win the gaming console.

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