RED FM’s ‘mysterious’ radio jockey Simran comes to life

RED FM’s ‘mysterious’ radio jockey Simran comes to life

Author | Malini Menon | Wednesday, Jul 20,2005 7:24 AM

RED FM’s ‘mysterious’ radio jockey Simran comes to life

RED FM has created a differentiated morning space for itself, and adding spunk to it will be RJ Simran. But who is this Simran? What really led to the hunt for this character called Simran?

Obviously, it was a fight for a “clearly defined morning space”. The hunt for this character made a lot of ‘noise’ in the channel, and it is only now that she has finally come to life.

Abraham Thomas, COO, Red FM, said, “The morning show so far has been extremely undifferentiated. We wanted to create the differentiation and wanted a character that would drive that difference with an attitude.”

In fact, listeners can tune in to all the action between 7 am and 11 am, when the new show “Morning No 1” – to be hosted by RJ Simran – will be aired.

After all the marketing activities and noise created around the character “Simran”, Thomas said that the response from people for the RJ hunt had been overwhelming. “We were very surprised by the number of entries that came our way for the “Most Wanted Simran” contest. This led us to initiate a contest as a sign of warmth towards all the participants,” he said.

RJ Simran unveiled a new contest, Heera Mujhe Mil Jaye, starting from July 18, which will continue till July 28 on the Red FM channel. In the first ever contest of its kind, listeners can enter the Red FM contest and win exclusive diamonds. For the next 10 days, 10 exclusive diamonds will be handed over by RJ Simran to the lucky winners.

Thomas is very upbeat and positive about the “Morning No 1” show. “It’s a show that has a lot of attitude, spunk, and at the same time talks about real people, real lives and real tales. RED FM has certainly been looking at this slot as most prized property for advertisers.” Thomas informed that the show had been designed with a combination of elements like interactivity, humour and youthful spirit.

Interestingly, the channel had a clear character defined for “Simran”. “We wanted somebody eccentric, yet lovable. She had to be a strong personality, who is fun loving but at the same time real. Somebody who is spunky, but does not do flippant talk. That’s RED FM’s Simran,” he said.

All said and done, Thomas still did not reveal the true identity of ‘Simran’ to exchange4media, though her voice sounds quite familiar. Any guesses anyone?

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