RCS launches news editing system for radio

RCS launches news editing system for radio

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Monday, Jun 11,2007 6:21 PM

RCS launches news editing system for radio

RCS has announced the launch of its news editing software, RCSnews, in India. The players, through various forums, are still requesting the government to allow the broadcast of news and current affairs on radio. RCS claims that this system is a state-of-the-art radio newsroom system, providing solutions for the entire news operation, from news gathering, writing and editing to actual on-air broadcast and story archiving.

Mike Powell, Vice President International, RCS, observed, “News is what makes radio local. Any really successful radio station anywhere in the world has a strong local presence. With RCSnews being local becomes easier, because it makes news production and presentation easier.”

Shirshendu Bannerjee, head of the radio division of Mediaguru Consultants, added, “Some programme directors make the mistake of thinking that they have this issue already wrapped up because they have a news department for their print medium to fall back on. That could be a big mistake. News for radio and print are two completely different animals.”

One of the players, Jaideep Banerjee, Programme Director, Friends FM, Kolkata, noted that the launch of this software is very timely. “Even though news is not allowed on FM stations yet, anybody who familiarises themselves with this system now, and with the processes relating to it, has a jump on the competition, once the government gives the green light,” he added.

The company claims that the system is scalable from giant to tiny newsroom, and scaleable from large network news operations to single station news ‘closets’. The feature of the system enables the reporters to write newscasts, receive and revise wire copy and digitally record, edit and playback audio. The system is also capable of creating Network News (server-based system), Peer-to-peer Newsroom and Outpost.

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