RAM reveals different ‘primetimes’; Bangaloreans spend highest time listening to the radio

RAM reveals different ‘primetimes’; Bangaloreans spend highest time listening to the radio

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Monday, Nov 05,2007 6:56 AM

RAM reveals different ‘primetimes’; Bangaloreans spend highest time listening to the radio

Data from TAM Media recently released Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) shows that on an average day, Bangaloreans are the first to tune in to the radio as compared to Delhiites and Mumbaikars. Listenership in Bangalore starts as early as 6 am and also marks the beginning of the best performing daypart in the city, which is between 6 am and 9 am. In Mumbai, the most preferred time bands to listen to the radio are between 9 am and 10 am and 11 am and 12 noon. Delhi prefers to tune in to the radio during the evening between 7 pm and 9 pm.

Manav Dhanda, National Head - Programming and Regional Head - West, Big FM, believes that the station doesn’t require any drastic changes in programming. “Unlike some players who have nationalised FPCs, we have localised FPCs. We had decided on our FPCs after looking at the individual cities, and now with these findings, we will fine tune the programming based on the weekly data available,” he added.

Rana Barua, National Head - Marketing, Radio City, notes that the data was absolutely new and only after clear analysis and robustness they would take any steps. “We had presumed that the breakfast station is the driving force and they also had one of the biggest promotions. The data also shows a higher listenership base during these times. Though, we have no specific plans as of yet,” he said.

Bangalore shows trends of more listenership per se. Bangalore has the highest time spent listening (1092 mins/week) in comparison to Mumbai and Delhi (845 mins/week and 796 mins/week, respectively). The Average Weekly Reach is slightly higher in Bangalore (99.6 per cent) than in Mumbai (99.5 per cent), while Delhi has an even lower reach threshold of 96.6 per cent.

TAM Media Research CEO, L V Krishnan, explained, “This high listenership trend in Bangalore also reflected in the establishment study. South has been a strong market for radio and that has been evident in earlier researches as well.”

share of its listenership on weekdays. In Bangalore, the weekday has 94 per cent and the weekend has 89 per cent listenership. Comparatively, the weekday share in Mumbai is 94 per cent, but the weekend is 92 per cent; and in Delhi, the weekday has 88 per cent, but weekends have 89 per cent. In Delhi, the overall tune-in numbers are lower than the other two markets. Also, the FM reach being over 90 per cent of the universe and average time spent per day being close to 115 mins/day, radio can compete with a medium like TV effectively to deliver reach here.

(Additional inputs by Noor Fathima Warsia)

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