RAM Rambling: Radio City leads in Mumbai in the morning hours

RAM Rambling: Radio City leads in Mumbai in the morning hours

Author | Robin Thomas | Wednesday, Dec 03,2008 6:34 AM

RAM Rambling: Radio City leads in Mumbai in the morning hours

Following up on our RAM reports, the focus this time is on the morning listeners (7 am to 11 am) in the Mumbai market from week 35 to week 46, all people, 12 plus, and place of listening all. The morning hour by far could be called the primetime in radio although FM stations say it has been extended, it is clear that the 7 am to 11am time period is very crucial for all radio players. It is also the time when FM stations get a taste of all kinds of listeners, even varying in their place of listening, thus allowing advertisers to also cash in heavily on the medium. It is in this time slot that the FM stations unleash their best RJs on air, thus further heating the competition.

According to the latest RAM report, Radio City has emerged as a clear winner, followed by Red FM. Big FM, too, has been a tough contender for the top slot, and together these stations are creating some intense competition for the top slot.

Radio City after a much tumultuous ride has climbed up the ladder since week 44. The FM station was at its peak with 21 per cent of the market share, however, week 46 ended with a slight dip with 20 per cent of the share even as it maintained the lead among other FM stations in Mumbai.

Red FM, which has been dominating the Mumbai market for a very long time, ended with 18 per cent of the market share on week 46. The station had reached its peak on week 38 with a market share of 22 per cent.

Big FM, which is also a tough contender for the top slot in the morning hours, ended with a 15 per cent market share on week 46.

Radio Mirchi was in the fourth slot with a market share of 12 per cent. AIR FM2- Gold also ended with 12 per cent of the market share, followed by Radio One with 7 per cent, and Fever with 6 per cent of the market share. The other cluster sees Meow FM, AIR FM1- Rainbow, Akashavani and Vividh Bharati.

Primetime unclear

Arjun Singgh Baran, Regional Director West, Big FM, opined, “There are no clear primetime listeners, however, primetime has been extended to afternoon and evening, too, where we have a good number of listeners. Yes, the morning time is very important for us as we have the largest number of cumulative listeners.”

S Keerthivasan, Business Head, Fever FM, too, was of the opinion that radio did not have clear primetime listeners as the station had a lot of listeners in both morning and evening hours.

Sunil Kumar, MD, Big River Radio, said, “The morning hours are certainly the primetime for radio, particularly in a city like Mumbai, where the early hours of morning are hectic, thus leaving the audience with only radio as the backgrounder, even drive time on early mornings are spent listening to radio. Since it is in the mornings that all kinds of listeners tune in to radio and in large numbers, it also gives advertisers an opportunity to cash in on the medium making radio the best medium for them at this hour.”

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