RadioAsia 2007: Future of radio in the age of convergence

RadioAsia 2007: Future of radio in the age of convergence

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Wednesday, Jun 20,2007 9:01 AM

RadioAsia 2007: Future of radio in the age of convergence

RadioAsia 2007, underway in Singapore from June 19 to 22, intends to present in-depth perspectives from radio industry leaders, as well as public service and community broadcasters in order to gauge the future evolution of the medium in a context marked by the explosion of digital technologies and convergence.

The third edition of the conference is being organised by the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC), the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), and Singapore Exhibition Services (SES), in conjunction with the BroadcastAsia2007 conference and exhibition.

Day one was dedicated to workshops with two sessions lined up in the second half of the day. In the first session, Helmut Osang, DW-Akademie/Radio Training Centre, spoke about the ways and different styles of reporting based on the station profile and target in his workshop ‘Radio News Reporting and Anchoring’. While John Maguire, Head of RFI, Talent and International Affairs gave his insights on ‘Community Radio: Audiences, Definitions and Sustainability’.

The three days of the conference will be dedicated to panel discussions with industry experts voicing their views on the varied topics. The first session on June 20, ‘The Evolution of Radio in the Age of Convergence’, will be chaired by Lief Lonsmann, Head of Radio Denmark. The session will revolve around the trends and evolution of radio to the present state. It will also try to ascertain the future trends in the radio industry across commercial, public service, and community radio.

The panellists for the session include Anurag Batra, MD and Editor-in-Chief, exchange4media, India; Mark Briggs, Chief Executive, United Radio, UK; Kudsia Kahar, AMP Radio Networks, Malaysia; and, Paul Chantler, United Radio, UK.

The other panel discussions for the day include ‘People Who Make Radio’, where the panellists look at the factors that affect the popularity of a station; and, ‘You need to know what Audiences Want’, where panellists look into research conducted on radio programming and on music preference among radio audiences. Each of these sessions will have the speakers giving their viewpoints on various topics.

The second day of the conference will start with a session on ‘Marketing and Promotion -- Enhancing Value of Commercial Radio in the Digital Environment’, which will be chaired by Deborah Stelle from ABC Australia. This session intends to help to understand how marketing and promotion are integrated to maximise value for audiences’ investment in digital radio. Speaking on the subject, exchange4media’s Batra will present his views through his presentation on ‘How is Commercial Radio performing in comparison to other Media’. The other speakers for the session include Joan Warner, CEO, CRA, Australia; Bimo Bayu D.Nimpuno, Services and Marketing Director, RRI, Indonesia; and, Jun Ogawa, Director International Affairs and Strategy, Tokyo Broadcasting System, Japan.

The other sessions for the day include ‘Digital Pioneers’, which will show how successful radio stations around the world have redesigned the way they make radio to get their message across, using all relevant platforms. It will be followed by a session on ‘New Radio: What makes it Hot’ and, ‘News For Radio -- Gathering and Using’.

The final day will start with a session on ‘New technologies for enhancing the role of Public Service Radio’; followed by ‘Challenging the 5 Ps’, where the discussions will examine the role that community radio plays in defying the five ’P’s or in enhancing them in various countries. These will be followed by sessions on ‘Is Public Service Radio fulfilling its role in Development Communication?’ and, ‘Community radio, community voices’.

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