Radio taps more ears, Mirchi, City maintain top slots: Wave 2 listenership track

Radio taps more ears, Mirchi, City maintain top slots: Wave 2 listenership track

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Aug 09,2004 8:53 AM

Radio taps more ears, Mirchi, City maintain top slots: Wave 2 listenership track

Results of Wave 2 of the Indian Listenership Track are out. The latest survey recording the radio listenership in Mumbai and Delhi indicate that radio listenership, in comparison to Wave 1, has increased. Again, as last time, Radio City keeps ruling in Mumbai, while Mirchi dominates the Delhi market.

Looking at the listenership figures in totality, for the Mumbai market, listeners have increased from over 51 lakh (51,15,899) to 54 lakh (54,62,892) in Wave 2. Delhi has recorded a higher growth in listenership – from over 35 lakh (35,24,857) to over 40 lakh (40,21,753). Referring to the increase of listenership, Prashant Panday, COO, Radio Mirchi, expresses, “With the listenership growing like this all myths about radio growth gets eliminated. This kind of a growth in just a matter of three months is a very good sign.”

In Mumbai, there have been positive results for all the players. From 2,511,942 listeners in Wave 1, Radio City now has 29,04,246 listeners. Mirchi too sees an increase in the market giving it 26,51,582 listeners as against Wave’s 22,44,640. For Red FM, market has grown from nearly seven lakh to close to nine lakh and Go has added over one lakh new listeners, making it to five lakh.

In Delhi, Mirchi has managed a substantial increase to 31,74,552 listeners from 26,84,350, recorded in Wave 1. Radio City, however, in this market shows a drop to 13,68,790 from 14,44,116 listeners, while Red has moved from 6,26,145 to 6,80,279 listeners.

Sharing more on Mirchi’s performance, Panday says, “What ahs worked for us is the approach that we have taken towards our programming. We have completely steered away from a talk-heavy approach and the results are working for us.”

He further expresses, “Also, we are doing very well with the SEC-A audience. In the Mumbai market, we are right on top here. This is important for us as this is the area that advertisers are looking at. In totality, these results are very good for us.”

Perhaps the best aspect of the data results is its indication to the fact that the current players are able to tap on radio’s potential. The development of this media plays a crucial role in the expansion of the media industry itself. Also, now with the Indian Listenership Track in place, media buyers and advertisers have data to fall back on in taking their marketing decisions.

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