Radio players innovate to keep listeners in good humour

Radio players innovate to keep listeners in good humour

Author | Deepshikha Singh | Monday, Feb 18,2008 7:08 AM

Radio players innovate to keep listeners in good humour

Everyone likes to have a good laugh. So, while television made stars of Laughter Champions like Raju Srivastav, radio is not lagging behind either. Leading FM players like Radio Mirchi, Big FM, Fever FM and Radio City have been experimenting with innovative shows and humourous ‘fillers’ to up their laughter quotient.

Regular listeners are familiar with the ‘Babbar Sher’ couplets on Radio City, Sharmaji’s tongue-in-cheek replies in ‘Sharmaji Se Poocho’ on Red FM, and ‘Chai with Charan’ on Radio One.

Tapas Sen, Chief Programming Officer, Radio Mirchi, said, “‘Sud – Hassi Ke Phuwarey’ has got tremendous response from listeners. The programme was initially started for north India, particularly for Delhi, as the character was gelling with the region. Following its tremendous success, we began airing the programme in Mumbai as well, and now the show is aired on 10-15 stations.”

‘Sud – Hassi Ke Phuwarey’ was visualised and conceptualised by Ranjit Matgavkar, Programming Head, Radio Mirchi. The character ‘Sudharshan’ is flamboyant and archaic, who reads out jokes from the book ‘Hassi Ke Phuwarey’ in a very deadpan manner.

Manav Dhanda, National Programming Head, Big FM, said, “Humour is an integral part of entertainment at Big FM. We believe in not only entertaining our listeners but also impacting their lives positively.”

‘Big LOL’ carries forward this station motive. Listeners are invited to participate in the show through messages and phone calls and share their jokes with entire Delhi. Utilities like traffic information are also given in the show. RJ Ayushmann, a talented singer-cum-mimic knows how to tickle the funny bone of listeners with his own brand of humour.

According to Gaurav Sharma, National Programming Head, Fever FM, “Content is taking simple things and turning them upside down. Humour, satire, and wit go down very well with our listeners. Even though our promise is ‘less talk, more music’, we ensure that our 40-second approach has the much required bite, rather than a long, mindless monologue. Wit is one of the most important elements that a listener looks for in an RJ. In fact, most successful RJs worldwide are the ones who forge a connect with their listeners through humour. On Fever FM, humour is laced into our programming via Jock-Talk, our recorded promos and brand communication.”

“Nowadays, advertisers, too, look at humour as a way of communicating effectively with consumers, and our in-house creative solutions team often uses humour to bring forth the message for listeners,” he added.

Rana Barua, National Head-Marketing, Radio City, said, “Innovation is the key to listener stickiness, and we at Radio City are known for pioneering the innovative content. Our shows and features continue to delight our listeners, and the good news is that we are constantly using listener feedback to create newer and relevant content. ‘Babbar Sher’, for example, possibly the longest running feature on Indian FM, is a huge success because of its unique style of delivery and the ambience of a real ‘Mehfil’. It is generally accepted that it is the best produced show on radio today.”

“Building on our brand proposition of ‘Whatte Fun’ and taking the legacy of creating infectious and memorable comic properties even further, we’ve recently introduced two new daily comic features – ‘Goldie Gill’s Golden English School’ and ‘Lussi with Udham Singh’, to which the response has been simply fantastic,” Barua asserted.

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