Radio One to hit Chennai air waves from January 10, promises non-stop hits and ‘mazaa’

Radio One to hit Chennai air waves from January 10, promises non-stop hits and ‘mazaa’

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Tuesday, Jan 09,2007 8:51 AM

Radio One to hit Chennai air waves from January 10, promises non-stop hits and ‘mazaa’

Radio One, the Mid-Day Multimedia and BBC Worldwide venture, is set for launch in Chennai on January 10 with the tagline ‘non-stop hits, non-stop mazaa’. The channel would play hit music as defined by the youth and focus on areas of interest relevant to today’s youth. Chennai is the fourth launch for Radio One after Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The FM channel has license to operate from seven cities and is expected to be launched in Pune, Kolkata and Ahmedabad soon.

As many as 12 RJs, besides a crew of five journalists, are on board. The journalists would contribute towards the content in the areas of city happenings, events, and other youth relevant areas like education, opportunities, jobs, careers, relationship, fashion, eating out, health, fitness, travel, sports and entertainment.

Rajesh Tahil, CEO, Radio One, said, “The pre-launch research conducted by Radio One revealed that 90 per cent of Chennaittes like listening to Tamil music, while only 10 per cent listened to English and other language music. Of this 10 per cent, 90 per cent liked listening to Tamil music as well. Considering the preferences and the priorities of Chennaittes, Radio One Chennai would predominantly play Tamil music with a ‘talk less and more music’ formula. Film, music and language are the three celebrated topics of the city and new music scores over old music.”

Speaking about the competition, he said, “We are not underestimating our competitors’ capabilities. We aim to garner a 25-30 per cent share of the Chennai ad market in three to four months.”

On the positioning of the channel, Tahil said, “Radio One Chennai would be an out and out youth channel playing their kind of music. We would strive to instill a sense of pride among the youngsters residing in Chennai and target people in the age group of 20-30 years, besides those young at heart.”

L V Navaneeth, Station Head, Radio One, Chennai, said, “Given the huge potential gap and the opinion that no FM station is perceived as my station across all age groups in Chennai, we are very confident of a 25-30 per cent market share in the first two to three months itself. Radio One would speak the language of the youth and play hit songs that appeal to the youth. The racy, energetic, and well packaged sound of the station will ensure an exciting listenership experience and the channel would live up to the tagline ‘non-stop hits, non-stop mazaa’.”

Starting January 10, the channel would launch a programme called ‘Celebrate Chennai’, wherein some of the biggest names in the Tamil film industry would turn RJs and share their views about life in Chennai and sign off with a message for today’s youth.

Meanwhile, Kailash Kondath, Group Account Manager, RMG David, Chennai, which is handling the creative duties for the station, said, “The FM channel would be coming up with a four-page (pull out advertorial) in The Hindu, which will highlight how Radio One is different from the other existing players, besides putting up hoardings at premium locations in the city.”

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