Radio One relaunches in Mumbai promising ‘maximum music fataafat’

Radio One relaunches in Mumbai promising ‘maximum music fataafat’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Jul 02,2009 8:24 AM

Radio One relaunches in Mumbai promising ‘maximum music fataafat’

Radio One has re-launched itself in Mumbai with the product promise of ‘maximum music fataafat’ and a tangible promise of minimum 13 songs every hour. The focus of the re-launch is to give the FM station a new vibrant musical face in Mumbai, especially the SEC AB 18-34 segment.

Shyju Varkey, National Marketing Head, Radio One, said, “Research done by the station shows that radio listeners believe a station must play more songs than any other as the primary yardstick of supremacy. As a result, Radio One will play a minimum of 13 songs per hour, while most stations play anywhere between 7-9 songs, especially during prime time. The station has launched a media campaign in the form of a contest titled ‘Har Ghante Mein 13 Gaane Ka Challenge’, which will run across Mid-Day, SMS, cinema and radio. The contest will help drive home the tangible promise.”

The contest, which runs from July 2-31, Monday to Friday, challenges listeners to catch Radio One playing less than 13 songs in any hour to win prizes.

Radio One has decided to call its jocks MJs (music jocks) as they believe RJs are passe as they are generalists. MJs are passionate specialists in music and will connect better with listeners The station has an effervescent new MJ, Devaki, for the morning band, and MJ Prachi in the evening band.

According to Vehrnon Ibrahim, National Programing Director, Radio One, “The brand new Radio One is about giving listeners access to maximum music fataafat. Listeners want more songs per hour, and that too quickly. Our spoken content, too, is crisp and original, because it is sourced directly from singers, composers, actors, and is not second hand content from websites and newspapers. We believe this product proposition will create immediate freshness and growing loyalty over a period of time.”

Vineet Singh Hukmani, MD, Radio One, said, “Recently. Radio One ran a World Music Week in all its cities and we also did a spontaneous heartfelt tribute to Michael Jackson the week before, all this because we inherently believe in maximum music. It’s in our DNA. We also expect certain copycat competition, who will try to imitate our promise of maximum songs in an hour, but you can’t imitate passion can you?”

Radio One has seven stations operating in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Ahmedabad.

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