Radio Mirchi starts new contest ‘Mirchi Paisa Vasool’

Radio Mirchi starts new contest ‘Mirchi Paisa Vasool’

Author | Sumita Patra | Thursday, Jun 09,2005 8:33 AM

Radio Mirchi starts new contest ‘Mirchi Paisa Vasool’

Radio Mirchi has embarked on a major marketing push. After the success of its ‘Kismat Khol De’ contest, the station is currently running a contest called ‘Mirchi Paisa Vasool’ for its Delhi listeners. The contest, which kicked off on June 6, will continue till June 11. It will give an opportunity to the listeners to win Rs 4,999 every hour.

The station has once again attempted to reach out to the maximum number of listeners by carrying out such kind of promotional activities. Said Nandan Srinath, Senior Vice President and Regional Director, Radio Mirchi, “I guess you can call this the ‘silly season’ for radio when you look at all the promotion pressure that has been built in Delhi over the last few weeks. We have traditionally used this quarter for our major marketing promotions over the last two years.”

He said, “The reason for marketing promotions on radio are the same as they would be for any consumer brand, which is to find new customers.”

By running such kind of contests the station has made an effort to enhance their connect with the large number of loyal listeners that the station has garnered and maintained over the last 26 months, said Srinath.

He said, “Our Kismat Khol De promotion was aimed at enhancing salience for Mirchi in the Delhi market, as well as increasing the involvement and time spent listening for our listeners.”

The ‘Mirchi Paisa Vasool’ contest, which the station is running at present, is based on an alphanumeric combination. Callers who identify in their name, mobile number/landline number or name and vehicle number plate and exemplify their creativity by completing the slogan ‘Mirchi Sunnewale Always khush’ will be eligible for winning a cash prize of Rs 4999.

In a fierce competitive market, when other stations also lay stress on promotional activities how does Radio Mirchi counter that? Said Srinath, “For us we are not too concerned about competitive promotions. We have a planned calendar of activations and programmes that we follow. Reacting in the short term can't really prove efficacious in the longer term.”

“My personal view is that all promotions are more about brand salience and that Mirchi listeners who move to another station for the promotion will migrate back to Mirchi in the medium term purely on the strength of the product, the quality of our on-air talent and a familial, friendly, whacky, in your face brand,” he added.

The station has lined up some exciting initiatives for its Delhi listeners, which will be unveiled over the next 60 days. “You will find Mirchi wherever you access quality entertainment in the city,” said Srinath.

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