Radio Mirchi is hottest in Kolkata, says IMRB survey

Radio Mirchi is hottest in Kolkata, says IMRB survey

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Jun 30,2004 8:11 AM

Radio Mirchi is hottest in Kolkata, says IMRB survey

According to the Listenership Track – a study, conducted by IMRB International, Radio Mirchi in Kolkata is far ahead of its competitors – across various age groups, occupation profiles and socio-economic classes. The study indicates that 36 lakh people listen to radio everyday and almost 24 lakh Kolkatans tune in every day to Radio Mirchi. The study confirms the fact that Radio Mirchi leads with 66% of the city’s radio market, followed by Amaar FM at 22%, Red FM at 17% and Power FM at 9%.

Says Prashant Pandey, COO, Radio Mirchi, “Kolkata is a huge metro. People in this city are doing well for themselves and there is sustained advertiser interest on account of the enhanced buying capabilities. As far as Mirchi’s numbers are concerned, part of the secret lies in the fact that Mirchi’s music gets refreshed on a timely basis, we have a scheduling software which helps us schedule music differently and maintain some amount of freshness to the product. Also, we are the only radio station in Kolkata which conducts all the talk in Bangla, and yet offers premium Hindi music.”

Pandey explains, “You see, the residents of Kolkata are fiercely proud of their regional identity, and yet have a tremendous appetite for Bollywood music. Through our blend, we can appease them and yet not lose the Mirchi flavour. Customised programming has given us much success. Our morning slot, Hello Kolkata addresses problems and issues that are close to the city’s heart. This feed is of course intrinsically different from what you might find in the morning band in cities like Mumbai and Delhi.”

The study designates a loyal and an unduplicated listenership of 55% to Radio Mirchi vis-à-vis the corresponding figures of 32% for Amaar, 10% for Red FM and 25% for Power FM. In simplified terms, over 10 lakh people tune in only to 98.3 FM everyday compared to 58,300 for Red FM, 2.4 lakh for Amaar and 73,000 for Power FM. Interestingly, the station’s frequency also enjoys a much higher recall than its competitors due to its vast listenership base.

The IMRB Listenership Track conducted across 1,120 people in Kolkata, for the period May 27 and June 12, noticeably substantiates the fact that the FM radio market has been the biggest gainer in Kolkata. As many as 89% of Kolkata’s FM owners now listen to radio weekly and the average daily reach of the medium is 55%.

In terms of TSL (time spent listening), radio listeners spend on an average 130 minutes every day listening to the medium, almost equal to the 132 minutes of the average daily watchers of TV. The study also designates a 16% increase in average daily listenership in Kolkata in the past 11 months. In addition to being Number One in Kolkotta, IMRB’s fortnightly Car Track Survey places Radio Mirchi as the Number One FM station in Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai also.

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