Radio Mirchi dons up Delhi the 'Masala Maarke' way

Radio Mirchi dons up Delhi the 'Masala Maarke' way

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Wednesday, Jun 16,2004 8:10 AM

Radio Mirchi dons up Delhi the 'Masala Maarke' way

After extensive promotion of the Mumbai morning slot and the immense response generated for the same, Radio Mirchi is extending the experiment to 'Hello Delhi' as well. The show falls under the 7-11 am time band and is aired from Monday to Saturday and it is hosted by RJ Nitin. Just like the Mumbai mould, the Delhi version discusses subjects that are close to the city's heart in addition to interactive segments such as interview of the day in Mirchi Gireftaar, Mirchi Vote- the listeners' poll, astro and humor capsules such as Baba Black Sheep. Mirchi is taking on a massive outdoor promotion, for the same, underlined by the baseline 'Masala Maarke' which reflects the station's brand attributes.

Says Prashant Pandey, COO, Radio Mirchi, "Radio is a medium of the masses, and no one captures the essence better than RJ Nitin who's fluent in Hindi, Punjabi, English and Yankee tongue. Nearly, after an year of it being launched, Hello Delhi (Mon-Sat, 7-11 am) has renewed its commitment to bringing alive Delhi for 3.5 million listeners every morning -- adopting the baseline 'Masala Maarke' which mingles nicely with Mirchi's brand values. Every morning, Hello Delhi tackles a topic that Delhi has woken up to: whether it's the proposed electricity tariff hike, the water crisis, or reservations for women in Delhi's co-ed colleges."

Pandey adds, "The popularity of the band, in addition to the RJ can be seen by the fact that people of all age groups, starting from civic officials, police officers, celebrities and ordinary people who have called up the Radio Mirchi studio to voice their opinion on the topic of the day, and have all subscribed to the popularity of RJ Nitin. Essentially a public forum for Delhi to discuss subjects relevant to the city, the show delivers various interactive segments which have caught the fancy of the audience.

As Mirchi asserts, the best way to wake up every morning in Delhi is through freshly brewed coffee, a crisp folded newspaper and RJ Nitin's voice saying 'Hello Delhi' at frequency of 98.3 FM. Given the popularity of the 'Masala Maarke' initiative in Mumbai, it would remain to be seen, whether Mirchi would extend the same to other cities besides Delhi.

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