Radio Mirchi agrees to consider RAM

Radio Mirchi agrees to consider RAM

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Dec 04,2007 6:11 AM

Radio Mirchi agrees to consider RAM

RAM, the radio measurement arm of TAM Media Research, might well be on the verge of gaining complete industry acceptance. Radio Mirchi, one of the strongest opponents of RAM, is in talks with TAM Media Research with the intention to subscribing to the research.

Radio Mirchi officials, however, are quick to state that they still “completely rubbish RAM”. Prashant Panday, CEO, Radio Mirchi, said, “We still believe that RAM is 83 per cent inaccurate. That said, yes, we are in talks with TAM Media Research as we are a part of the industry and we should know what agencies and clients are talking about when we approach them for business per se.”

“However, that shouldn’t mean that we are endorsing the data just yet. Even in the talks that we are having with them, they have not been able to answer any of our queries. In fact, I feel that other radio stations, too, have many problems with RAM,” added Panday.

According to him, Radio Mirchi had never had an issue with the findings of RAM. He said, “The data conclusively proves that we should be double than that of any of our competitors in Delhi. The biggest competitors we have are so badly placed that all results really have been in our favour.”

He informed that the station would decide in a week or two on whether it would be subscribing to RAM or not. He said, “We have immense faith in the reliability of TAM, and L V Krishnan (CEO, TAM Media Research) has built a credible reputation, and we believe that we can also make a difference by participating and giving feedback to the research.”

From the looks of it, Radio Mirchi will subscribe to RAM too, and that would mean that all the big players are in the system now.

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