Radio City turns matchmaker

Radio City turns matchmaker

Author | Ritu Midha | Monday, Dec 23,2002 7:21 AM

Radio City turns matchmaker

Matchmaking used to be the domain of newspapers and websites. That is, till the time Sony TV decided otherwise brought it on the small screen in form of Kahin Na Kahin Koi Hae.

It is the turn of radio now. 'Matchmaker', a 30-minute show on Radio City, aired on Sunday mornings, hopes to help tie some knots.

The programme features a boy and a girl, consecutively on the same show, sharing their views on marriage, and their dream life partner, with the anchor. Needless to say, songs are one of the ingredients of the show.

Does the Radio Station take it any further? "No. Our interaction with the participants begins and ends with the show. Listeners, if interested, can communicate with them on a phone number, which belongs to bharatmatrimonial.com," say Radio City sources.

The participants are scrutinised and selected by the online matchmaking website, which, also, is the sponsor for the programme. Radio City checks out the participants in terms of their oral skills and comfort levels with being on radio live.

Will radio succeed where television failed is the question on many a mind. But, guess, we will have to wait and hear.

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