Radio City offers customised content at LMRC, monetisation could be underway

Radio City offers customised content at LMRC, monetisation could be underway

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Sep 06,2017 8:11 AM

Radio City offers customised content at LMRC, monetisation could be underway
Radio City partners with Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation to create customized content packages, during peak and off-peak hours, comprising songs, jingles and special trivia from ‘City Ke Kone Kone based on Radio City’s ideology ‘Rag Rag Mein Daude City’. A TOH jingle that has been specially composed and produced in house for Radio City LMRC will be integrated on an hourly basis. 
In tandem with Radio City’s terrestrial music strategy of offering mood-mapped music, the playlist will be topical and in sync with the city’s listener preferences. In an all-encompassing capsule, the content created will have a healthy mix of local happenings and music refreshed every fortnight.
Speaking about monetising the content, Abraham Thomas, CEO Radio City 91.1 FM exclusively told exchange4media, “Currently it is ad free but we will be doing a lot of marketing around it and will start monetising it in a few months” 
Thomas also shared that the brand is looking to carry out similar initiatives on other platforms too. He said, “We are clearly an audio entertainment company and our content plays out on other platforms as well. While radio is the main medium, we also want to distribute content through other platforms. Therefore, we are open to having talks with multiple such platforms where our content can be played out.” 
Thomas highlighted the fact that the government has helped the cause for radio to be an effective medium in today’s digital age. He said,“I think the government has done a lot to popularise this medium and we probably aren’t aware but cricket commentary is also hugely consumed. They believe in radio being a good medium and this adds to its credibility. Advertisers are also looking at multiple platforms to amplify their reach. Radio integrates seamlessly with other mediums which is why it’s doing so well.” 
To kick off proceedings on the first day of metro for commuters, Radio City has installed a studio set-up at Char Bagh metro station where the radio jockeys will broadcast their shows LIVE. In addition to this, the channel has also created selfie zones across 8 metro stations for commuters and weaved contests and social media campaigns around the initiative.

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