Radio City maintains lead in Mumbai and Bangalore

Radio City maintains lead in Mumbai and Bangalore

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Dec 22,2014 8:04 AM

Radio City maintains lead in Mumbai and Bangalore

According to data sourced from RAM subscribers for week 49 (Nov 30 to December 6), Radio City maintained the lead in Mumbai and Bangalore. The top radio station in Delhi was Fever FM and the top station in Kolkata was Radio Mirchi.

Radio City saw a slight increase in its market share as it maintained top spot in the city. For Week 49, Radio City’s total marketshare was 19.6%. This was followed by BIG FM with 17.5% marketshare. Radio Mirchi and Fever FM were almost neck to neck with 13.6 per cent and 13 per cent marketshare respectively.

Fever FM was the clear leader in Delhi with 19.7 per cent marketshare. The next closest was AIR FM Gold with 15.6 per cent marketshare followed by Radio Mirchi with 13.9 per cent markeshare. Radio City and BIG FM were tied at 11.9 per cent marketshare.

Radio Mirchi led the pack with 21.3 per cent marketshare. BIG FM had the second highest marketshare with 16.7 per cent. OYE FM was third with 10.5 per cent. The Kolkata market saw a number of players vying or marketshare. For example, Aamar FM 106.2 (9.8 per cent), RED FM (9.7 per cent), Radio One (9.4 per cent), Fever FM (8.1 per cent) and Friends FM (6.5 per cent) all took away slices of the marketshare.

Radio City and BIG FM were in close competition with 23.4 per cent and 21.2 per cent marketshare. Coming in at third was Radio Mirchi with 17.1 per cent share. Fever with 11.2 per cent share was another notable performed this week.

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