Radio City is using digital for distribution: Apurva Purohit

Radio City is using digital for distribution: Apurva Purohit

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Thursday, May 05,2011 8:39 AM

Radio City is using digital for distribution: Apurva Purohit

Radio City was one of the first FM players to venture into the digital sphere three years ago with PlanetRadiocity.com, a music portal and networking site for music lovers of all genres. Last year they launched India’s first multi genre web radio. They are now looking at building and evangelising the medium further.

“Digital unquestionably has complemented radio,” said Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radio City. She added, “With PlanetRadiocity.com, we have a music portal catering to the needs of music lovers, while with India’s first multi genre web radio, listeners have a wealth of choice in the music that they can listen to the entire day. A piece that is unfortunately missing today due to regulatory constraints is terrestrial radio. We also use social media to engage with listeners.”

Today, PlanetRadiocity.com reportedly gets 15 million page views a month and has reported a whopping 400 per cent increase in its average page views. Meanwhile, the web radio claims to have a listenership of 1.4 million even before completing a year, making them the tenth largest across all networks in the country.

Talking about trends, Purohit said, “Over the years, prominent radio trends and various research show high listenership of FM through mobile phones. Close to 30 per cent of radio listenership is through the mobile phone when people are on the move. This is extremely good news for the industry, since inadvertently a mobile phone has become an excellent distribution mode for the medium.”

She was optimistic about digital boosting the radio medium and said, “With Internet usage attaining both critical mass and depth, this year will certainly see everyone capitalising on this growing usage in India. Our web radio, for example, airs all genres of music – sufi, ghazal, hip hop, rock, Indi pop, Bollywood, etc. – and its listener profile and time of listening also supplements our Radio City listenership. So yes, we are using digital hugely to build a complementary channel of distribution for Radio City more than it just serving as a marketing support. The programming goes far beyond music with some great RJs, some outstanding content and interesting chat shows with marquee names.”

With an ability to cover a larger gamut of information and entertainment, Web radio airs programming not available otherwise. It helps build a critical mass of listeners. Thus, this can be regarded as the right time to monetise the medium.

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