'Radio City 91 FM Suno Aurr Lakhpati Bano'

'Radio City 91 FM Suno Aurr Lakhpati Bano'

Author | Ritu Midha | Wednesday, Oct 16,2002 8:25 AM

'Radio City 91 FM Suno Aurr Lakhpati Bano'

Thanks to promotions on Star Plus 'Radio City 91 FM Suno Aur Lakhpati Bano', is perhaps the most popular game-show happening on FM in Mumbai. The channel claims that there are five to six lakh calls hitting the station every day.

Says Sumantra Dutta, COO, Radio City, "Response to the show is beyond all our imaginations. In the first week itself we got more than 30 lakh calls and approximately 1.5 sms responses."

Has it achieved its goal of roping in more advertisers and listeners? Says Dutta, "The main aim of the show was to change the advertisers' perception of the radio as the add-on media. We wanted to draw their attention to the strength of radio and we have succeeded in that. There are more listeners now. In fact, there is a 250% increase in advertising in comparison to first three months of our launch when the game was not on air."

But will the listeners stick to the station after the game show is over? Says Dutta, "Once a person goes to shop in a departmental store, even if it is due to gifts and free offers, he sticks to it because of superior service, similarly if the content is strong enough listeners and advertisers are definitely going to remain with us."

He believes that the messages conveyed on the radio can be very effective as it is a mobile medium and an ad on the radio can be the last point of interaction while on ones way purchase.

When asked if Radio City plans to take it to other cities, replies Dutta, "Certainly. We wanted to see the response in Mumbai before taking it to other cities. It is overwhelming, and we would be taking it to other cities soon. He adds that City plans to syndicate the game show as well as the other strong content to other stations in the cities where it does not have a presence.

The show has already made one lakhpati in the city of Mumbai.

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