Primetime International, Kagiso Media join hands to launch Radio Minds

Primetime International, Kagiso Media join hands to launch Radio Minds

Author | Shikha Saroj | Monday, Jul 17,2006 7:09 AM

Primetime International, Kagiso Media join hands to launch Radio Minds

Primetime International and South Africa-based Kagiso Media have launched a 50:50 joint venture for radio services called Radio Minds, which will offer strategic services, knowledge base and intellectual property to the Indian radio industry. Some of the core services that Radio Minds will focus on include ad sales, training, strategic research and inventory management tools that will be adapted to suit the Indian market.

Elaborating on the JV, Omar Essack, Executive Director, Kagiso Media, said, “Our new initiative will give an opportunity to small or even new radio players to use our expertise in setting up successful radio stations. We provide 360-degree services for radio, right from strategy to training and research. While the big and established players are doing some things right, there are certain areas like strategic management, strategic training, strategic research, RJ training and management training for which they can use our services.”

Commenting on what makes Radio Minds different from other consultants, Essack said, “We are not consultants for the sake of consulting. We are in the business of radio (Kagiso well-known for turning around the fortunes of failing radio stations in South Africa by acquiring a stake in the radio stations or even being hired to manage and revamp the radio stations) and that makes Radio Minds’ services far from ivory-tower academics.”

When asked with radio stations claiming that they are the No. 1, how different would be Radio Minds’ research tools, Essack replied, “Research is not about numbers or asking a set of inconsequential questions. It is about asking the right questions, getting the answers from people who matter and using the answers to leverage your business or service.”

According to Essack, radio players needed to ask what the listeners wanted and do things for their listeners by making a positive difference in their lives. He said, “The fundamental launch strategy of any radio station is building goodwill.”

Radio Minds will benefit from Kagiso Media’s expertise and Primetimes’ strong business relations with advertisers. Both Kagiso and Primetime are compatible because of sharing similar work ethics. Being in the business of radio is a first for Primetime, which has previously been an active player in outdoor, TV and research.

Delving further on the ad sales side, Essack said, “We will impart training to create specialist radio sales professionals and also fill the gap for an independent body for radio sales in India.”

Going further, Radio Minds will closely monitor the radio industry for a year after which it will set patterns and establish trends for the radio industry. One thing Essack is sure of is that Radio Minds is a customer-centric business and will offer the best and customised services to radio players.

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