Prime time on Radio. Morning?

Prime time on Radio. Morning?

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Aug 02,2002 9:10 AM

Prime time on Radio. Morning?

Recent survey results from the ORG-Marg radio measurement study have an interesting poser- why should listenership of radio in morning be twice that of the evening?

According to the topline finding, the morning prime time (7- 11:30 am) has about 20% listeners tuning in while the numbers for evening prime time (7- 11 pm) is a low 8%.

Comments Mona Jain of Lodestar Media, "It seems strange that the evening prime time does not have an equivalent peak as the morning prime time. Perhaps this is because television takes the audiences away during the evenings.”

Apart from TV, another possible reason may be the consistency in performing morning chores, when compared to the evening. Agrees Anish Trivedi, popular RJ and member CII Entertainment Committee, “The morning day-part listenership is fairly consistent day-after-day. That's because Mumbaities have a very consistent morning behavior. But evening is another story. The listenership is likely to be in flux. While I know that this holds true for Mumbai, I'm not very sure about the other centers.”

Trivedi's reasoning perhaps explains why radio station GO 92.5 has scheduled his breakfast show - ‘Good Morning Mumbai’ as a key show in the morning. However, Praveen Tripathi, Chairperson, Technical Committee, ORG’s Radio Audience Measurement Service believes that a peak in the morning does not mean that the listenership during the rest of the day is poor.

“The listenership during the day is not poor, but is flattened,” say Tripathi. So while most members of a family may listen to radio in the morning, the listenership is fragmented for the other dayparts.

Prashant Pandey, COO Radio Mirchi, has similar views. He says, “Prime Time is not just a morning phenomenon. In fact, the very definition of prime time depends on what product category you are talking about. For example, maximum number of housewives and college students are possibly delivered during the afternoons, and hence for brands that target these segments, this is prime time. Likewise, the absolute creme-de-la-creme of Mumbai is delivered during the evenings, because this is the drive time.”

These initial survey results are indeed interesting. If media planners take a cue from these findings, their spot-scheduling pattern might drastically change. Perhaps, detailed research by ORG Marg, later this year, will provide conclusive directions. And other centers may also have very different pattern of viewership.

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