Popular radio jockeys to giddyup FM stations’ morning band

Popular radio jockeys to giddyup FM stations’ morning band

Author | Sakshi Talwar | Monday, Aug 01,2005 8:09 AM

Popular radio jockeys to giddyup FM stations’ morning band

If anything matters for radio stations, it is the morning 7 am to 11 am time band. That’s when they clock their highest listenership of over 70 per cent. To buttress its offering in this slot in the Mumbai market, Red FM has roped in popular radio jockey Malishka to host its prime time breakfast show, ‘Morning No1’, on weekdays.

Over the past two weeks in Mumbai, Red FM had launched a teaser campaign to generate curiosity and hype amongst listeners as to the identity of the new RJ. In addition, Red FM has lined up a series of ground activities to promote Malishka.

Abraham Thomas, COO, Red FM, pointed out that the Indian Listenership Track (ILT) research conducted by MRUC, which is based on day after recall methodology, showed that people could not differentiate between radio stations as they all sounded similar.

“In an environment where everyone looks the same, we wanted to create a show with an attitude. Hence, we have repackaged the complete show,” he added.

Interestingly, Red FM carried out a similar activity in Delhi recently, where they introduced RJ Simran – who apparently is none other than Fiza Khan – in the same morning band.

But why is the morning four-hour band so vital for radio stations that they focus all their innovations around it? Explained Tapas Sen, Senior VP, Programming Radio Mirchi, “More than 70 per cent of listenership for any radio station comes from the morning 7-11 am band. If I as a station am not number one in the morning slot, I certainly cannot be number one overall. Nearly 80 per cent of our innovation is focused on this band.”

Agreed Thomas, “Radio is a part of most people’s morning curriculum be it for information or music.” Radio Mirchi’s Sen further mentioned that radio consumption trend was such all over the world where maximum people tuned in for the breakfast show.

As an overview of the Mumbai market, each station has its most popular RJs placed in the morning slot (a trend that is also visible in the Delhi market). Radio City has Ravi and Prachi, Jaggu and Tarana are on 92.5 Go FM, Radio Mirchi has Harsh, and Malishka is now on Red FM – each having their own charm and fan following.

As the competition intensifies, what remains to be seen is if and how an RJ can increase the popularity of a radio station.

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