TODAY´S NEWS launches the 4th season of Boss' Top 5 launches the 4th season of Boss' Top 5

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Mar 14,2015 2:49 PM

A- launches the 4th season of Boss' Top 5 launches the 4th season of its flagship segment, Boss’ Top 5, where top business professionals showcase their fun side. The fun factor on ‘Radio City Fun Ka Antenna’ is set to soar higher as RJ Ajay interacts with top business honchos on his show ‘Locker Room’ starting, 13th March 2015 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm every Friday!

This year the show will introduce the musical side of corporate honchos like Sanjay Mehta of Social Wavelength, Suveer Bajaj of Foxymoron, Prakash Chhabria of Finolex Industries & the likes. The front runners in the corporate world who will be appearing in the 4th season will spill the beans on their favourite music, their likes and dislikes on various other topics beyond the realm of their office space.

Anurag Batra, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief at Businessworld who will kickstart the show in the 4th Season said, “With the popularity of the radio growing, the listeners crave for more and newer content. Boss’ Top 5 is a unique, innovative and an offbeat show that connects leaders of different sectors with the listeners. The show brings out the best in the interviewer as it sets the tone of having a chat with an old friend. I loved the chat with RJ Ajay as I shared details on the side of life which is hardly known to others. The show is definitely going to make waves in the near future!”

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