Paras Pharma ties up with Radio Mirchi for Moov Neck & Shoulders

Paras Pharma ties up with Radio Mirchi for Moov Neck & Shoulders

Author | Nitin Pandey | Thursday, Dec 31,2009 8:06 AM

Paras Pharma ties up with Radio Mirchi for Moov Neck & Shoulders

Paras Pharma has initiated structured radio buying for the first time for their product Moov Neck & Shoulders. The planning of the campaign was on the basis of inputs on radio effectiveness for various brands in the FMCG industry and is targeted at SEC A/B 25+ affluent, urban male working class of the population. The radio activity is for 30 days with higher spot intensity.

When asked about the structured radio buying concept, Vinay Prashant, Cluster Head, Radio Mirchi Gujarat, said, “Paras Pharma for the first time has bought a network of stations for one brand campaign. This planning and buying was done by them on the basis of research data such as RAM, IRS and feedback from the trade.”

Advertising spots form a major part of the campaign, and Radio Mirchi created opportunities for programming intervention for the brand by providing innovations and creatives like song tags. According to Prashant, “Humour works brilliantly on radio. It is a medium which thrives on emotions and creates an easy platform for the brand to connect with the listeners and hence, there is an importance of well-produced creative in radio medium. The spots were created by the agency for Moov Neck & Shoulders.”

When asked how they viewed radio as a medium in their media plans Nishant Nair, Manager - Media, Paras Pharma, said, “Radio will play big role for us in the future. We have already started involving this medium in our media plans. This is a medium, which is heard by our target audience, so it’s very suitable to us.”

About the deal with Radio Mirchi, he stated that the buying was done on the basis of RAM data, which was available for Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata markets and six other cities. In all, there were 10 cities in which Mirchi was taken, along with the No. 2 player that figured in data. Thus, Paras Pharma has tied up with 20 stations.

Moov Neck & Shoulders is aimed at working males who are prone to problems of neck and shoulder pain due to bad posture, high stress levels at work and continuous desk-related work.

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