Oye! 104.8 FM launches Bollywood-inspired TV campaign

Oye! 104.8 FM launches Bollywood-inspired TV campaign

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Nov 18,2011 10:55 AM

Oye! 104.8 FM launches Bollywood-inspired TV campaign

Oye! 104.8 FM has collaborated with well-known Bollywood director Pradeep Sarkar to create TVCs that highlight the filminess of everyday life in India.

The commercials are based on Oye! 104.8 FM’s popular feature ‘Khas Peshkash’, where hit Bollywood songs are reinterpreted in a ghazal format. In the spirit of the Indian practice of using Bollywood songs in everything, from jagratas to ring tones, Oye! 104.8 FM’s musical team recasts Bollywood’s latest techno-infused hits like ‘Chammak Chhallo’ and ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ in the more traditional ghazal format.

The spots are based on ‘Khas Peshkash’ versions of hit songs like ‘Sheila K Jawani’, ‘Bhaag D K Bose’, and ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’, each exploring a familiar Indian setting in which Bollywood music adds life to mundane situations. For instance, ‘Sheila K Jawani’ depicts a mehfil of ghazal singers and aficionados, where an influential and moneyed audience that would typically patronise traditional and classical forms of music, finds itself listening to and being thrilled by the Bollywood-inspired ghazal.

The music score for the commercials has been composed by Oye! 104.8 FM’s production team headed by National Content Head Virag Mishra. “Our entire programming team has a filmy keeda,” Mishra said, adding, “Real life in is a lot like Bollywood films, which is why being filmy is like second nature to us.”

Over the past one year, Oye! 104.8 FM has become known for being the most unabashedly ‘filmy’ radio station, focusing on delivering packaged entertainment instead of just talk.

“‘Khas Peshkash’ is just a peek at what our station has to offer listeners,” said Vehrnon Ibrahim, National Programming Head, Oye! 104.8 FM. “In India, life is very filmy and our effort is to help listeners see life through that lens. We are like filmy goggles for our listeners. It makes life a lot more interesting.”


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