Overview 2008: Tough fight for top slot amongst FM players in Mumbai

Overview 2008: Tough fight for top slot amongst FM players in Mumbai

Author | Robin Thomas | Monday, Dec 29,2008 5:30 AM

Overview 2008: Tough fight for top slot amongst FM players in Mumbai

It’s been little over a year since Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) was introduced. And in this one year, RAM has thrown up quite a few surprises in the radio industry. With the year coming to an end, exchange4media takes a look at RAM reports for the entire year starting with the Mumbai market.

An overview of the year for the Mumbai market for All people 12 plus, all place of listening from weeks 1 to 49 shows that Red FM, which has been a dominant player in this market for a significant time, had a tumultuous ride in 2008. Radio City has been its toughest rival this year. With Big FM, too, competing hard to stay ahead of the curve, the race for the top slot in Mumbai has become tougher.

Though Red FM has remained on top for a longer period in 2008, its dominance has been constantly challenged by Radio City and the gap between their market share has narrowed considerably. Week 44 onwards to the current week 49 show some consistency in Radio City’s ratings, where the FM station has managed to get an edge over Red FM.

Red FM was at its highest from week 1 itself with a market share of 25 per cent. However, it has ended the current week 49 with a 17 per cent market share. Radio City, which commenced the week with a 14 per cent share, ended week 49 with 18 per cent of the market share, while Big FM ended the week with 16 per cent of the market share. Nevertheless, week 49 ended with no clear winner.

Radio Mirchi ended week 49 with a 15 per cent market share. The FM station had reached its peak of 16 per cent share on week 3. After giving the private FM player some tough fight over the year, Government-owned AIR FM2 - Gold ended with 11 per cent market share.

Radio One’s market share stood at 6 per cent. The FM station was at its peak on Week 2 with 11 per cent, followed by Fever FM with a 5 per cent share. The other cluster of the Mumbai market include AIR FM1- Rainbow, which has gained a substantial share since week 40, but ended week 49 with 5 per cent share. Meow FM, Vividh Bharati and Akashvani are also included in this cluster.

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