ORG-Marg to conduct first non-commissioned Radio research

ORG-Marg to conduct first non-commissioned Radio research

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Jun 27,2002 7:43 AM

ORG-Marg to conduct first non-commissioned Radio research

At the time when most of the third party data available on the performance of Radio channels is commissioned research by the radio stations themselves, ORG-Marg is carrying out a project in Mumbai to provide media planners and the broadcasting houses with quantitative information on the listenership.

Says Sunil Jaryal, Research Director, AC Nielson ORG Marg Research Ltd, "The sample size for the research is 700 people in Mumbai who are 15+. To avoid any biases we are doing a random sampling. We would be first contacting houses and listing the names of members who are in age group 15+. Then we would sort them in descending order and form the list random selection of names will be made who will be interviewed.” Asked on what the study aims to do, Jaryal adds, “This research is mainly focussed to derive quantitative data by measuring the incidence of listeners on the day previous to the interview. The basic question, which we ask to our respondent, is whether they listen to radio or not. Respondents would be eligible to answer the questions only if they are listeners of radio. The research aims at gathering data which includes, Place of listening to radio, awareness level of different stations, Frequency of listening to radio, Listeners profile for different radio stations"

With the industry in a nascent stage and little third party data available in public domain for advertisers, except for a few commissioned studies carried out by some stations, this move would surely help provide indication of where various broadcasting stations are placed today.

But in this dynamic environment when listener preferences change rapidly and stations keep changing their programming mix according would a one time research be sufficient to serve as a bench mark beyond 3 months. When asked about the frequency of the research, Jaryal says, "It depends on our customers. If they want us to keep the findings updated then we will carry out the research on a regular interval.”

ORG Marg’s idea is to get all parties to pay for the research. Radio Stations will be charged Rs.22,000 for the report and ad agencies Rs.11,000. An early bird scheme, which ended a few days back had discounts for customers booking early. Says an ecstatic Jayral, “Just to share with you, we have got tremendous response from these people."

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