Nokia joins hands with RCS to roll out visual radio

Nokia joins hands with RCS to roll out visual radio

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Oct 27,2007 8:13 AM

Nokia joins hands with RCS to roll out visual radio

Broadcast software company RCS has been working with Nokia to roll out the next generation visual radio experience for radio listeners and cell-phone users worldwide. Visual radio enables mobile device users to receive FM radio broadcasts with fully synchronised interactive graphical content.

Visual radio users will be able to see real-time information on artistes, upcoming concert dates and other music-related topics on the phone display, while simultaneously enjoying live FM broadcasts of their favourite radio programmes. The service allows easy interactivity with the broadcast, such as participation in competitions and promotions. The new enhanced version of the service also allows radio stations to transmit visual advertisements while listeners listen to the spots on radio.

RCS also announced that a brand new version of its Radio Show software will work seamlessly with visual radio, so that the same rich content seen on the mobile device will also appear simultaneously on multiple digital platforms including HD Radio, the Internet, DAB digital radio, DVB-H and many more. The new tools have already received an enthusiastic reception from major broadcasters who have previewed the technology in the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Philippe Generali, President and CEO, RCS, said, “RCS has been working with Nokia to develop and perfect a brand new version of the visual radio experience. With the new tools developed by RCS, it is far easier for broadcasters to generate synchronised graphics alongside a station’s regular audio output. RCS and Nokia are worldwide leaders in the respective fields, so the association of two No. 1 companies is very auspicious.”

Teemu Tarnanen, Head of Visual Radio, Nokia, said, “It’s great to have RCS on board to expand visual radio, and make it easy for broadcasters to implement the service for their audiences. RCS brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, and we’re looking forward to working closely with them.”

The new relationship means that RCS will market the visual radio solution to broadcasters through its worldwide office network, and Nokia will continue to bundle visual radio capability into millions of new devices.

As traditional radio looks for new ways of combating many competing forms of entertainment, visual radio provides broadcasters with the ability to build brand loyalty and attract new listeners by offering a truly compelling and interactive communications experience. Broadcasters can use visual radio to learn more about their audience through interactive promotions, quizzes and surveys. Broadcasters can also increase revenue by selling graphical content synchronized with existing audio spot inventory.

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