My FM aims to be among top three FM players in India

My FM aims to be among top three FM players in India

Author | Deepshikha Singh | Monday, May 26,2008 8:38 AM

My FM aims to be among top three FM players in India

With 17 station and plans to go national, My FM aims to be among the top three FM players. My FM claims to reflect one-to-one relationship, with an emotional ownership of the medium with their listeners. The FM player has now unveiled its plans to further engage its listeners in terms of pastime, leisure and entertainment.

Elaborating on the My FM’s plans, its COO, Harrish M Bhatia, said, “In Tier 1 stations like Ahmedabad and Chandigarh, we have acknowledged the importance of international music and, therefore, it is part of our music. We understand that while a city like Ajmer, which has a near 30 per cent Sindhi population, should have a different preference in music and content from another station like Jaipur. The content innovations are indeed helping us staying ahead. We also cater to the spiritual and cultural aspirations of our listeners. For instance, we daily broadcast the Siddhi Vinayak Aarti of the famous Khajarana Temple in Indore in the morning hourson the ‘My Mornings’ show. ‘My Ka Lal’ show is another case in point of innovative programming content, wherein kids aged 10-14 years are RJs on the show.”

My FM also claims that the entire calendar is planned to make for better listener connect and the ability of the content to be extended on air and on ground to make it more resounding with the audiences.

Bhatia added, “My FM has been engaging its audience in fun filled activities like My FM My LCD, My FM My Singapore, My FM My Free Shopping, My FM Bollywood Ka Don. These contests are full of fun and listeners get to win cool gifts and prizes like LCDs, all paid trips to Singapore, etc. These activities have been a big hit in our markets.”

“My FM stands differentiated in terms of its content, which includes everything from music to jock talk. Content is the key in the radio industry. Our target audience is SEC A&B / men / women in the 15-35 age-group. The content is planned keeping in mind its topicality, and we have been overwhelmed with the response received. We plan to conduct a lot more such activities for our listeners. Programming and content in a medium like ours are ever evolving and are planned at best keeping in mind the next six to 12 months’ time,” Bhatia further said.

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