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My favourite RJs: Rohit Barker and DJ Ivan

My favourite RJs: Rohit Barker and DJ Ivan

Author | Saloni Surti | Friday, Nov 30,2012 7:51 PM

My favourite RJs: Rohit Barker and DJ Ivan

For their crisp and no nonsense style of RJing, Rohit Barker and DJ Ivan of Radio Indigo are the favourites this week.

Minakshi Achan, Co-Founder, Salt Brand Solutions says that the duo knows how to keep it different. They know their music well, making them a perfect fit for their show.

While Rohit Barker rocks his shows with simply raw music, DJ Ivan comes with a fun element and good timing.

In conversation with exchange4media, Achan speaks about why she likes the duo. Excerpts:

Who is your favourite RJ?
My favourite RJs are Rohit Barker and DJ Ivan from Radio Indigo.

What do you like about them?
Rohit and Ivan know their music really well. They do not speak nonsense and ensure you are glued to the radio with their enlightening tidbits.

When do you tune into radio the most?
I listen to radio mostly early in the morning.

With increasing commercial pressure, do you think RJs manage to keep their content objective?
RJs try to fit in the endorsements with the editorial content. For instance, if you advertise with them, they tend to talk about the brand but only till the point it is sensible and does not look out of place. I feel they integrate endorsements with the editorial content. They are really are responsible in these terms.

From the advertising and media industry, which personality do you think could make a marvelous RJ?
Amitabh Bachchan for sure can be an awesome RJ. I think Farhan Akhtar too can be a good RJ because he has good sense of humour and good timing.

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