My favourite RJ: Jeeturaaj, Radio Mirchi

My favourite RJ: Jeeturaaj, Radio Mirchi

Author | Saloni Surti | Monday, Sep 10,2012 9:07 PM

My favourite RJ: Jeeturaaj, Radio Mirchi

A RJ is literally the voice and face of a radio channel. RJs, over the years, have evolved to become brands ambassadors for their respective radio stations. For instance, Malishka of Red FM commands a fan following of thousands, Jeeturaaj of Radio Mirchi is known for his topical subjects, and Salil and Archana of Radio City are loved for their peppy and lively chats. RJs have now managed to create appointment listening – they have fans who adjust their schedules to keep in tune with them.

exchange4media has set out to find which RJ has managed to hit the bull’s eye. Sarvanan Mudaliar, Media Director, Carat Media India in conversation with exhange4media speaks about his favourite RJ…

Who is your favourite RJ?
I like Jeeturaaj from Radio Mirchi. He hosts the morning show ‘Hi Mumbai’.

What do you like about Jeeturaaj?
There are a number of things in Jeeturaaj that makes him different from the other RJs. He has great clarity of communication and good voice quality and the content of his show is very good. He always addresses current topics related to the city in an objective way.

What time of the day do you tune in to radio?
I listen to radio mostly in the morning while traveling to office.

Do you think RJs these days have managed to create a connect with their listeners?
Yes, listeners do connect and relate to RJs. The call-ins RJs receive are a testimony to their popularity.

How does RJ – listener rapport benefit the channel?
Popularity of a RJ also pulls appointment listeners in the time bands they conduct the shows, thus it helps in increasing listenership. A healthy RJ – listener rapport also leads to increased audience engagement, thus benefitting the radio station tremendously.

Where do you place more importance – the format of the show or popularity of the RJ?
Format of the show and the RJ, both are equally important. Lack of either can lead to a drop in ratings. If the show format is very good but the RJ is not impressive, the ratings of the show can tank. Similarly, if the RJ is very expressive, clear and good but the show format is disappointing it will affects the rating. RJs and show formats are both equally critical.

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