My favourite RJ: Hrishi K

My favourite RJ: Hrishi K

Author | Saloni Surti | Friday, Jan 11,2013 7:58 PM

My favourite RJ: Hrishi K

Radio being a mobile medium, the major role of an RJ is to be a companion to listeners, somebody who the listeners converse with everyday.

Thakur Upendra Singh, Co-Founder and Director, Origin Beanstalk Creative Consultants shared that his favourite is Hrishi K from Radio One, for the RJ manages to communicate with him in a manner that no one can.

Hrishi K has been a part of various radio stations including Worldspace Satellite Radio, Radio Mirchi and Win FM. He is known for his style of speaking and his playlist.

exchange4media chats with Singh to find out more about his favourite. Excerpts:
Who is your favourite RJ?
The RJ I like to listen to is Hrishi K from Radio One.  

What do you like about him?
Hrishi K has the ability to connect. He communicates really well and speaks to his audience. He is someone with who you travel and you can relate with. Hrishi comes across as a very talented person.

When do you tune in to radio the most?
I tune into radio the most while travelling, which is almost one and a half hour everyday.

With increasing commercial pressure, do you think RJs are able to keep their content objective?
It depends on the radio channel. I listen to Radio One because it is engaging. Advertisers should know how to use the radio medium, audience, ambience and mindset of the listeners. If advertisers keep all this in mind and create content, RJs can add to it and weave it.

From the advertising and media industry, which personality do you think could make a marvellous RJ?
I feel Vir Das can make a good RJ because he can create great original customised content.

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