My favourite RJ: Harsh Singh

My favourite RJ: Harsh Singh

Author | Saloni Surti | Friday, Nov 23,2012 7:55 PM

My favourite RJ: Harsh Singh

Someone who is fun, spontaneous and helps forget your worries is a true RJ, says Beenna Makheja, Manager – Finance Operations, Zenith World. Makheja’s favourite RJ is Harsh Singh, who hosts the morning show of Big FM. She has been following him from the first day of his career, across all the radio stations he has been part of.

Harsh commenced his career as a RJ with Radio Mirchi and since then there has been no turning back for him. He was later a part of Fever FM and also exhibited his RJing skills in Canada.

exchange4media speaks to Makheja to find out why is she fond of RJ Harsh.

Who is your favorite RJ?
My all-time favourite RJ is Harsh Singh of Big FM. He hosts the breakfast show from 7.00AM to 11.00AM.

What do you like about RJ Harsh?
RJ Harsh lives multiple lives in a lifetime. He is a RJ, anchor and actor. He has been part of a number of fields and has managed to gain success everywhere. He has a very down to earth attitude, connects with the listeners, is very friendly, witty, warm, spontaneous, dynamic, listens to the feedback, possesses good communication skills and is very responsive.

One tunes into the show but tuning off becomes very difficult as the show is so interesting and entertaining that you don’t feel the need to switch channels. Harsh manages to entertain in a manner that his listeners are always in a positive and happy frame of mind, and that is the most important aspect of the mornings. Harsh puts in a lot of hard work, sincerity and has a great presence of mind.

When do you listen to radio the most?
I listen to the radio every morning from 7.00AM to 11AM. I am a huge Harsh fan and thus even when I have slept late the previous night, I make sure that I don’t miss the show even for a second next morning. Usually, I am tuned in right from the beginning to the end of Harsh’s show. So, it is almost four hours of radio for me every day.

Do you think RJs these days have managed to create a connect with their listeners?
The amount of calls that RJs get is enough proof of their listener following and popularity. I have tried calling Harsh on many occasions but I have never been able to get through. The content of the show is important for connecting with the listeners. However, even if the content is good, but the RJ is not…then the question of connecting does not arise.

With increasing commercial pressure, do you think RJs these days are able to keep their content objective?
We get to see so many commercials on TV and in the theatres, where we have paid to watch. But, in case of radio, we get to hear them for free. Sometimes it’s irritating but the RJs do not have a choice as the channel revenue is generated through these commercials. As long as they make the commercial interesting with responsible content, it works. Large number of ads for a particular show indicates that the show and the RJ are popular, or else the brands would not ask for that particular slot.

From the advertising and media industry, which personality do you think could make a marvelous RJ?
According to me the personality that was, is and will always make a marvelous RJ is Roshan Abbas.

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