My favourite RJ: Fali R Singara

My favourite RJ: Fali R Singara

Author | Saloni Surti | Friday, Oct 12,2012 1:08 AM

My favourite RJ: Fali R Singara

With increasing commercial pressure and the need of a format that appeals to the masses, radio has always faced limitations in terms of providing that one different element to the youth. While some succumb to the pressure, there are a few RJs who, with their knowledge and style, make it different for their listeners. This week’s favourite, RJ Fali R Singara from AIR FM Rainbow belongs to the latter lot.

Tinaz Daruwalla, Associate Media Director, Omnicom Media Group tells exchange4media that along with good RJing is required good music knowledge and according to her, RJ Fali fits the bill perfectly.

Active on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and Sound Cloud, RJ Fali believes in knowing his audience and what makes them click. He is a major part of The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club, India. He strongly believes that a good RJ needs to know the music before he or she is playing it to the audience.

In conversation with Tinaz Daaruwalla, we try to find out why RJ Fali is a hit among the youth.

Who is your favourite RJ?
My favourite RJ is Fali R Singara. He has been RJing on AIR FM Rainbow from a very young age.

What do you like about him?
Fali has in-depth knowledge of international music, in fact any kind of music that he is playing. He knows his domain well and has a no-nonsense attitude. He speaks to the point and has a very good playlist.

When do you listen to radio the most?
I mostly listen to radio while driving. I also like listening to the special properties aired on the weekends; for instance I love a show in which different legendary artist are honoured every week.

Do you think RJs these days have managed to create a connect with their listeners?
It is really hard to say. User call-ins usually show how much people are into a particular RJ. Some fans may call, some may not. Thus, I cannot speak for the entire eco-system. However, I feel at times that RJs these days lack engagement.

How does RJ – listener rapport benefit the channel?
RJs create a loyal listener base for a radio station with their fans. Radio is depended on voice and that is its biggest strength. It can reach out to the people like no other medium. Thus, when an RJ interacts and clicks with the audience, he/she actually ends up creating an attractive listener base.

Where do you place more importance – the format of the show or popularity of the RJ?
I would place more importance towards the show format. There is no doubt that an RJ is important, but the show format is a radio station’s property that will never change. RJs are replaceable. Audience might take time to adjust to the change but they will adapt as long as the show format and the music are good. In a hit TV series, if an actor playing a particular character is replaced, it will not affect the show till the point the character and the show are good. Content and packaging is ultimately what matters.

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