My favourite RJ: Brian Tellis

My favourite RJ: Brian Tellis

Author | Saloni Surti | Friday, Feb 01,2013 8:19 PM

My favourite RJ: Brian Tellis

Radio is a medium available to all – different societies, cultures, choices and tastes. To keep all the listeners entertained and deliver content that is relevant to the entire listener base is a walk on a tight rope.

Raghu Venkatraman, Head – Strategy and New Media, Network Media shared that his favourite RJ manages this tough act and treats the music and content in a manner that listeners are bound to stay tuned in.

In conversation with exchange4media, Venkatraman speaks about his favourite RJ and keeping content objective in the commercial world.

Who is your favourite RJ?
My favourite RJ is Brian Tellis from Radio One.

What do you like about him?
Brian hosts a blues show. He manages to make sense of the music for the casual listener as well as not turn off serious blues fan. I feel it is a tough act to do.

When do you tune into radio the most?
I tune in to radio mostly when I’m in the car. I also tune in on Sunday nights for the blues show.

With the increasing commercial pressure, do you think RJs these days manage to keep their content objective?
It is a mixed bag but mostly no. Most of the times, the RJ mentions, which are a part of every deal, come across as blatant advertising plugs.

Who, according to you, can make a great RJ from the advertising fraternity?
Hari Krishnan of Cheil Worldwide can make a very good RJ. His social media feed is a joy to read and his takes are thought stimulating. Plus, he’s created a character: Flashback Gordon.

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