My fav RJ: Renu, Club FM

My fav RJ: Renu, Club FM

Author | Saloni Surti | Friday, Sep 28,2012 9:49 PM

My fav RJ: Renu, Club FM

Narrating a story with every song and helping your listeners relax are the traits of a good RJ, according to Anil Cheriyedath, Business Director, Maxus.

While a lot of people emphasise on entertainment and keeping it lively and crisp, Cheriyedath says that creating the feel of what you say matters more. His all time favourite is RJ Renu, who hosts a show named ‘Love Bytes’ on Club FM.

Renu is known for the way she creates a romantic atmosphere and the feel good factor for her listeners.

In conversation with exchange4media, Cheriyedath talks about his favourite RJ and how she has won the hearts of listeners in Kerala.

Who is your favourite RJ?
I like RJ Renu. She hosts the late night show on Club FM. I also like RJ Shaan, he hosts the weekend show Star Jam on the same station. Renu would be my favourite.

What do you like about RJ Renu?
Renu lives up to the character of the show. Her style of presentation, her voice modulation and music selection put me into a mood of relaxation. The way she rolls the show is different and I enjoy.

When do you listen to radio the most?
I listen to radio while travelling and late at night when I want to sit back and relax. In morning it is more like a background music playing while I travel, while at night I am a little more relaxed and enjoy radio more.

Do you think RJs these days have managed to create a connect with their listeners?
RJs have a celebrity kind of status for fans. Speaking to their favorite RJ is like speaking to their hero for them. Everybody may not call but those who call really love the RJ and have a very good rapport with them. RJs have few loyal fans who really look up to them.

How does RJ – listener rapport benefit the channel?
RJs are the channel and its positioning. He or she frontends the channel and thus a good rapport with audience help tremendously. Mainly music drives listeners, but if the RJ is not good enough, listeners start switching channels. I see some RJs are doing really well and are driving the entire station because of their show’s popularity. An RJ is crucial, without RJ the experience is incomplete.

Where do you place more importance – the format of the show or popularity of the RJ?
It’s a blend of both. If the combination is not right, it is very difficult for a show to succeed. Music and show format are no doubt the main elements, but if the music is not good the listeners will start switching stations or simply listen to their MP3 player. At the same time, if the RJs are not really good to interact, they cannot keep the listeners tuned in. Only a good RJ or only a good show format cannot create a good programme.

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