Movie industry expects something unreasonable from us, says Radio One’s Shariq Patel

Movie industry expects something unreasonable from us, says Radio One’s Shariq Patel

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Thursday, Dec 28,2006 8:45 AM

Movie industry expects something unreasonable from us, says Radio One’s Shariq Patel

Radio One, a Mid-Day Multimedia and BBC Worldwide venture, has been competing with other stations through their various novel initiatives and on-air content. The radio channel, now with its national outlook, has been designing its marketing strategies centred on the cities where it has its operations in.

Explaining the strategy, Shariq Patel, VP Operations, Radio One, said, “We had adopted a city-centric approach during the launch and re-branding phase of the channel. Right now, we are having a property-oriented marketing strategy to encourage listeners to listen to our programmes for the specific show. We also have tied up with several events and various happenings like college festivals, trade fairs and so on in all the cities where we are present in as part of our efforts to take our property offline.”

Their latest show, ‘Bollywood Badshah’, is one such initiative. The channel had also organised a run for promoting the movie ‘Bhagam Bhag’ in Mumbai. Earlier, as part of the radio station’s effort to capture the Kannada market, the channel had organised an auction of the dresses worn by actors in the movie ‘Thanannam Thanannam’, the proceeds of which went to Deena Seva Charitable Trust, an NGO which supports HIV-positive children in Bangalore. Incidentally, the channel had also used non-traditional celebrities in their interview segment – ‘Ek Mulaqat’.

Commenting on the radio and movie collaborations that have been prevalent in the industry over the past few months, Patel said, “The movie industry expects something unreasonable from radio stations in terms of promotion. They expect you to promote it outside radio too and spend on promoting the movie to bring in the audiences.”

“Having said that, in Bangalore we are very much into movie promotions and are working closely with the Kannada film industry. It is not because we spend money for them, but because we made Kannada films cool with the urban audience. We always have prided ourselves by doing cinema associations with a certain amount of intelligence,” added Patel.

Revealing the future plans of Radio One, Patel talked about the generation of newer content for the radio. He said, “The Cricket World Cup is coming up for which we are looking at creating more cricket related programming from January 2007 onwards. We want to be the radio station that owns cricket on air.”

Patel also revealed the plans of the channel to launch a new live programming segment targeted at the BPO audience in Delhi from January 2007, with other cities to follow within some weeks. “There are also plans from our side to launch a show dealing with the investment in real estate, finance as well as travel, which our research has revealed, garners a good following from the young audience,” he further said.

Patel also mentioned the various programmes lined up for the New Year, where the channel has partnered with numerous parties across the towns. The channel will also have a Top 100 countdown, where all the chartbusters of 2006 would be played back-to-back with RJs chipping in.

Replying to the query on the position of the channel in Mumbai, Patel said, “In respect to quality content on air, we are clearly the number one station. After our re-branding, we’ve had a huge increase in listenership, close to just under 10 lakh daily listeners. I am hopeful that as more and more people tune in to our station, the only way is up for us.”

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