Meow 104.8 FM to hit Kolkata airwaves on September 20

Meow 104.8 FM to hit Kolkata airwaves on September 20

Author | Indrani Sinha | Monday, Sep 10,2007 9:08 AM

Meow 104.8 FM to hit Kolkata airwaves on September 20

Meow 104.8 FM, the radio initiative from the India Today Group, is all set to officially launch in Kolkata on September 20, 2007, preceeded by a soft launch on September 15. Meow FM has a programming mix for the ‘she’ listener. Its tagline – ‘Thodi Meethi, Thodi Catty’ – reflects the station’s positioning, conveying its desire to appeal to the myriad moods of a woman.

Gilroy Ashley Tills, Senior Vice-President & Head, National Impact, who was in Kolkata recently, said, “In general, people like sharing their opinions and engage in appealing subjects connected to their interests. Content aligned with such synergy, when aired on radio, serves to entertain / benefit other listeners and hence, we see the talk radio as an engagement, and maybe also as a knowledge management platform. Kolkata and the women in the City of Joy will experience this exciting engaging platform very shortly.”

“In Delhi, within a span of 90 days we got in excess of 600 women who called and engaged with us daily due to relevance of our topics in their lives. Besides this, we see ourselves engaging men too, as men need a guide to understand women better. Thus, our listenership realm not only covers the feminine gender, which is our core TG, but their other halves as well,” Tills added.

In Kolkata, Meow FM will air programmes in Bangla and Hindi during the day, and towards the evening the programmes will gradually migrate to English, with Hindi as the common factor across the day. “We will do this mainly to target the women who are either on the move or who’d like to groove towards that part of the evening,” explained Tills.

He further said that at present, people tuned in to an FM station to listen to good music, but when music got repetitive or when there was RJ talk or when there was an ad break, listeners switched over to another station or tuned out, mainly because that was not what they expected and when expectations were not met, there was disappointment.

“From an advertiser’s point of view, we see them benefiting from us as we condition our listeners and their expectations to listen to and engage in a talk format, hence the stickiness to our promos and clients’ advertising would be more effective on Meow FM,” Tills explained.

He further said that the FM station would launch its own merchandising across the country and the marketing would be very much brand-centric. “Our marketing will be thematic from an ATL, BTL and LRM (Listener Relationship Management) point of view. We have taken the thematic route for our launch campaign primarily to drive the addressable population of the city to sample our frequency and with our philosophy of connecting content with behaviour patterns. We will have conversions, and number of callers will prove it, as we proved ourselves in Delhi – average of 600 callers are what we talk to day on day, and this number has been consistent for the last two months, as we can’t engage with any more on a daily basis. This is engagement and success personified,” Tills asserted.

Meanwhile, Dipanjan Bannerjee has been appointed as Station Head for Meow FM’s Kolkata operations. He is also the National Programming Head. Tanima Gupta is the Head of Programming, while Gargi Bannerjee will handle Ad Sales in Kolkata.

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